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1. Susuivi

Graphic Designer at ePar

$121.29 USD Average Price


2. Mwestpfahl

Graphic Designer at The Garage

$56.25 USD Average Price


3. Vash

Graphic Designer at Dhanraj Jain Jewellers

$136.18 USD Average Price


4. 321Design

Art Director at 321Design Studio

$419.77 USD Average Price


5. amaliagg

Graphic Designer at No Limit Creatives

$940.00 USD Average Price


6. Heleen

B.A. in Graphic Design from Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

$457.90 USD Average Price


7. lemuel

Art Director and Graphic Designer at General Optical Brasil

$466.67 USD Average Price


8. AlyssaWood

Graphic Designer at Tianqiao Technology

$123.62 USD Average Price


9. Beardline

M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago

$311.90 USD Average Price


10. olioti

Graphic Designer at Coursera

$128.23 USD Average Price


11. danielillustrator

Illustrator at Aymará Publishing

$457.14 USD Average Price


12. Perry

Graphic Designer at CELUM

$123.62 USD Average Price


13. Calla

Product Designer at DEPT Agency

$109.58 USD Average Price


14. KeygenDesign

M.D. in Graphical Engeneering from the University of Novi Sad

$121.29 USD Average Price


15. Mo'min

Graphic Designer at Lock and Quay Marketing

$128.55 USD Average Price


16. Ivo_Ns

Graphic Designer at Care 4 Birds Ltd.

$160.74 USD Average Price


17. WestDesign

Creative Director at Lucid Creative Works Ltd.

$130.78 USD Average Price


18. DesignerOrlando

Graphic Designer at CPS Latinoamerica

$121.29 USD Average Price


19. Kristieklk

Senior Graphic Designer at Fountain Side

$121.29 USD Average Price


20. Ibamboo

Creative Director at Bamboo Studio

$166.31 USD Average Price


21. Mas_melatonina

B.A. in Multimedia and Interaction Design from UADE University

$117.40 USD Average Price


22. RandomMindLady

Production Director at Image Arts Studios

$200.00 USD Average Price


23. GraphixArtist247

B.A. in Graphic Design from National College of Arts

$128.23 USD Average Price


24. Andrepi

B.A. in Arts and Design from Arturo Michelena University

$442.65 USD Average Price


25. Marina-Art-Box

Development Director at New Heights Educational Group

$121.29 USD Average Price


26. Anuj27

Creative Designer at Codin Global

$118.87 USD Average Price


27. rabii

B.A. in Digital Media Arts from the University of Khawarizmi

$128.23 USD Average Price


28. Sanja

Graphic Designer at Brandsupply

$123.62 USD Average Price


29. jannah_design

Graphic Designer at Shopify

$788.97 USD Average Price


30. Backcast

Creative Director at Backcast

$431.29 USD Average Price

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What We Bring to the Table

ServiceScape is built on 24 years worth of experience, working on over 339,000 projects with over 98,000 clients. Join the thousands of people who have chosen ServiceScape to find the best and brightest talent.

4.910 out of 5 Stars

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Browse the best graphic designers out there

ServiceScape makes it easy to find the right graphic designer for your project. With our platform, you can review our designers' talent and experience before deciding who to hire. When you feel ready to move forward with a designer, you can be confident that your chosen professional will truly understand your vision and will be open to communication every step of the way.

Professional graphic designer

Most importantly, we understand that you need more than just a skilled graphic designer. You need a creative partner — someone who can work with you effectively, ask questions to ensure that they grasp your vision, answer any inquiries you may have along the way, and be responsive and reliable throughout the process. ServiceScape is here to help you source the right graphic design talent to develop the rewarding creative relationship that will take your project exactly where it needs to be.

Join the thousands of people who trust ServiceScape for all their graphic design needs. Our experienced designers not only bring your vision to life but also add their creative flair to make your design stand out. Engage with a ServiceScape designer to hone and perfect your ideas, ensuring they come to life.

What our graphic designers will do for you

Designing a logo

A ServiceScape graphic designer will elevate your vision, infusing every pixel with purpose and passion. Where an average designer stops at aesthetics, our graphic designers weave emotion, strategy, and storytelling into their work, creating designs that resonate, engage, and leave a lasting impact.

Specifically, our graphic designers will:

  • Research and Analyze your goals for informed design decisions.
  • Brainstorm and Ideate, generating various concepts to align with your vision and message.
  • Sketch and Draft potential layouts and designs before diving into the digital realm.
  • Conceptualize visual interpretations based on your requirements.
  • Select Typography and Color Palette that aligns with your goals.
  • Craft Iconography and Imagery, be it custom illustrations or appropriate stock images.
  • Optimize graphics for different platforms: print, web, or social media.
  • Prototype and Present Mockups (for web and app designs) to give a tangible feel of the end product.
  • Revise designs iteratively, based on your feedback and the project's needs.
  • Provide Multiple File Formats for various applications and resolutions.
  • Adapt Designs to cater to different cultural or regional preferences, if required.
  • Eliminate unnecessary elements to maintain clarity and focus in the design.
  • Incorporate Modern Design Trends, ensuring a contemporary and fresh look without compromising the project's core essence.
  • Deliver a Final Comprehensive Package, which might include design guidelines for consistent representation.
  • Offer Post-Project Support to assist with any design-related queries or updates after project completion.

ServiceScape graphic designers leverage their extensive knowledge and skills, ensuring your design not only captures attention but also communicates effectively and stands out in its domain. With their expertise at your side, trust in the promise that your visuals will reach unparalleled excellence.

Open and collaborative communication

Teleconference with a graphic designer

Central to ServiceScape's graphic design offerings is our unwavering dedication to communication. We recognize that every design project is born from a culmination of creative ideas, market insights, and strategic objectives. That's why we champion transparent and ongoing dialogues with you from the project's inception to its completion.

Multiple communication avenues are available to guarantee that your inquiries, ideas, and feedback receive immediate attention. Whether you're inclined towards messaging or direct calls, our designers remain consistently available, ensuring a seamless experience. In doing so, we can perfectly match the design outcomes with your vision and objectives. Our graphic designers are more than just skilled artisans; they are co-creators in realizing your idea's potential. By cultivating a partnership with our clients, we aim to create designs that not only look stunning but also resonate with your goals. With ServiceScape, open and collaborative communication isn't merely a benefit — it's our solemn guarantee to you.

Exceptional graphic design at your fingertips

A graphic designer working on a project

At ServiceScape, we're proud of our team of graphic designers, each committed to delivering consistent quality. They aren't just professionals; they're passionate individuals dedicated to crafting designs that resonate.

Our graphic designers understand the balance between creativity and maintaining the integrity of your overall goals. With a focus on clear communication and genuine collaboration, they ensure every design is a reflection of your vision, presented in an appealing manner. We believe that the best designs emerge from a symbiotic relationship between the client and the designer, where ideas flow freely, feedback is valued, and the end goal is always in sight. It's not just about creating a design that looks good – it's about creating a design that feels right, one that can encapsulate the essence of what you envision in every hue, line, and curve.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to meet your needs, understanding the importance of good design in conveying the right message. With ServiceScape, you can trust that every project is approached with care, precision, and a commitment to quality.

Frequently asked questions

How do I hire a graphic designer?

You can hire a graphic designer in just four steps:

  1. Browse our directory to find the graphic designer you want to hire.
  2. Click the "View Profile" button to see additional information.
  3. From the profile page, click on the "Hire Me" button.
  4. Enter your project details.

You will have the option to either select a predefined service or create a custom project. If you select a predefined service, you can pay for your project immediately by using a credit card, U.S. bank transfer, or PayPal®. After your payment method has been approved, the graphic designer will start working on the project as soon as possible and will deliver initial concepts by the due date. If you select a custom project, the graphic designer will provide you with a service proposal that will have a unique price for the unique service you require.

How many concepts will the graphic designer deliver?

Your graphic designer will deliver as many concepts as you need until you are completely satisfied with the final version. All you have to do is view the concepts and send a response, and your graphic designer will rework the next round of concepts to meet your expectations.

How do I contact a graphic designer?

To contact a graphic designer about your project, just do the following:

  1. Browse our directory to find the graphic designer you'd like to contact.
  2. Click the "View Profile" button to see additional information.
  3. From the profile page, click on the "Send Message" button.
  4. Write and send your message.

We will email you a notification as soon as your graphic designer replies to your message.

How do I set up a teleconference with a graphic designer?

If you would like to speak with a graphic designer directly, just do the following:

  1. Browse our directory to find a graphic designer you'd like to speak with on a teleconference call.
  2. Click the "View Profile" button to see additional information.
  3. From the profile page, click on the "Teleconference" button.
  4. Enter the date and time you would like to have your discussion.

We will contact you right away about availability and set up the teleconference for all parties involved.

Where can I find ratings and reviews for graphic designers?

You can find ratings and reviews from past clients within most graphic designer profiles. Just find your graphic designer and click on the "View Profile" button to see them. You can also read ServiceScape ratings and reviews on eKomi. In addition, ServiceScape has been featured in several publications and websites, including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, UpWork, HuffPost, Indeed, and The Ladders.

Can I see examples of work the graphic designers have done in the past?

Many graphic designers have portfolios which feature their past work. Just find your graphic designer and click on the "View Profile" button to view a graphic designer's portfolio.

Where can I find pricing information?

Prices can be found within each graphic designer's profile. Just find your graphic designer and click on the "View Profile" button.

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