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1. XpertEditor

7,414 Client Reviews
275,070 Pages Edited

M.A. in TESOL Education from the University of North Carolina

Starting at $9.95 USD per page


2. WriteWatchman

4,686 Client Reviews
139,795 Pages Edited

Professor at Cincinnati State University

Starting at $9.50 USD per page


3. EditrixJD

2,400 Client Reviews
103,956 Pages Edited

Writer at PBS

Starting at $9.45 USD per page


4. ProseTechnician

2,255 Client Reviews
85,712 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in English from the University of Nebraska

Starting at $7.95 USD per page


5. LexEditor

2,262 Client Reviews
54,054 Pages Edited

J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law

Starting at $11.00 USD per page


6. DoctorWord

2,357 Client Reviews
51,440 Pages Edited

Copy Editor at Intergroup Japan

Starting at $9.88 USD per page


7. ErrorProof

820 Client Reviews
29,154 Pages Edited

Director at Aetna

Starting at $7.00 USD per page


8. jmelton

472 Client Reviews
23,232 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Illinois

Starting at $8.50 USD per page


9. GlassPhoenix

650 Client Reviews
19,888 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology from Duke University

Starting at $10.95 USD per page


10. S.Edwards

604 Client Reviews
16,648 Pages Edited

J.D. from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law

Starting at $15.50 USD per page


11. EditingWithExperience

282 Client Reviews
14,178 Pages Edited

Editor at Elsevier Inc.

Starting at $5.95 USD per page


12. YourProfessor

4,508 Client Reviews
242,138 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in History from the University of Virginia

Starting at $8.95 USD per page


13. AcadConsult

1,327 Client Reviews
81,300 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island

Starting at $9.99 USD per page


14. maxedwards

983 Client Reviews
64,241 Pages Edited

Copy Editor at McGraw-Hill Publishing

Starting at $6.00 USD per page


15. EMThompson

434 Client Reviews
22,551 Pages Edited

M.A. in Asian Studies from UC Berkeley

Starting at $5.95 USD per page


16. LMAedit

220 Client Reviews
14,525 Pages Edited

Director of Communications at the Yale Center

Starting at $3.95 USD per page


17. WriteOn

324 Client Reviews
9,974 Pages Edited

B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina

Starting at $22.00 USD per page


18. ChipperEditor

185 Client Reviews
5,865 Pages Edited

M.A. in English from McMaster University

Starting at $8.00 USD per page


19. EditingExcellence

186 Client Reviews
4,570 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in Music History from the University of Chicago

Starting at $4.95 USD per page


20. BioEditorPhD

118 Client Reviews
3,958 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology from the University of California

Starting at $6.95 USD per page


21. Keith2314

103 Client Reviews
2,990 Pages Edited

M.A. in Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University

Starting at $4.95 USD per page


22. shaysieg

77 Client Reviews
2,623 Pages Edited

M.F.A. in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College

Starting at $18.00 USD per page


23. ArtemisInk

34 Client Reviews
1,880 Pages Edited

M.A. in Childhood Education from Hunter College

Starting at $15.25 USD per page


24. WordHelper

29 Client Reviews
770 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii

Starting at $10.50 USD per page


25. hneuf

582 Pages Edited

Editor at Schiffer Publishing

Starting at $3.95 USD per page


26. EditorEnRoute

20 Client Reviews
538 Pages Edited

Copy Editor at Nella Media Group

Starting at $12.00 USD per page


27. Paula_G

535 Pages Edited

B.S. in Communications from California State Polytechnic University

Starting at $8.50 USD per page


28. PixelPerfectEdit(PPE)

261 Pages Edited

Lecturer at the University of Pretoria

Starting at $7.95 USD per page


29. CTWordsmith

173 Pages Edited

Copy Editor at ProQuest CultureGrams

Starting at $4.95 USD per page


30. EmpireStateEditor

107 Pages Edited

Editor at HarperCollins

Starting at $5.00 USD per page

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What We Bring to the Table

ServiceScape is built on 24 years worth of experience, working on over 339,000 projects with over 98,000 clients. Join the thousands of people who have chosen ServiceScape to find the best and brightest talent.

4.910 out of 5 Stars

125,479 Rated Projects

Your one-stop destination for professional novel editing services

Embarking on the journey of writing a novel is no small task; it requires creativity, dedication, and an unwavering passion for storytelling. Just as significant is the process that follows the writing—editing—which breathes life into the written word, fine-tuning your narrative to stand out among a sea of stories. Here at ServiceScape, we understand the pivotal role editing plays in transforming your novel from good to exceptional.

Editor editing a novel

Editing a novel is an art in itself, one that demands an understanding of elements like plot development, pacing, character consistency, and theme exploration. At ServiceScape, we have an experienced team of editors who know these elements inside and out. Our novel editors don't just correct typos; they delve into the heart of your story, assessing and enhancing every component to ensure that your novel resonates with readers.

Regardless of your genre—be it romance, science fiction, mystery, fantasy, or something else—our editors are versed in a variety of literary styles and genres. They bring their expertise to the table, transforming narratives into polished works ready to captivate readers. Explore ServiceScape's novel editing services today, and discover the transformative potential of professional editing.

Your source for exceptional novel editors

A novel editor

At ServiceScape, our editors are the backbone of our novel editing services, and their exceptional work is reflected in their high ratings and positive reviews from satisfied clients. Each editor on our team possesses extensive experience and a deep understanding of literary techniques, ensuring your novel's plot, pacing, and characters align with the genre's conventions.

Beyond just technical expertise, our editors understand narrative flow and reader engagement. They appreciate the nuances of language and the artistry of storytelling, ensuring your unique voice remains untouched while polishing the rough edges of your manuscript.

We encourage you to browse through the profiles of our esteemed editors, where you'll find information about their experience, specialties, and past client reviews. The right editor for your novel is just a few clicks away. Trust in our highly-rated novel editing services to guide your work to its most polished and captivating form.

Our in-depth novel editing approach

Editing a novel with a red pen

At ServiceScape, our approach to novel editing is as comprehensive as the narratives we help polish. This is not simply about grammar checks and spelling corrections. Our novel editing encompasses everything from plot development to character consistency, pacing, thematic coherence, and narrative voice. We aim to enhance every facet of your story, breathing life into your vision while ensuring its readability and literary quality.

Our editors are seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of storytelling. They work closely with you, providing insightful feedback and suggestions while always respecting your unique creative voice.

The tasks performed by our novel editors are manifold and involve:

  • Close examination of plot development and narrative structure.
  • Consistency checks for characters and their development.
  • Reviewing pacing and flow, ensuring the story progresses at the right tempo.
  • Analysis and enhancement of thematic elements.
  • Refining the narrative voice for consistency and impact.
  • Line editing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Fact-checking and verification for historical, scientific, or cultural references.
  • Advice on dialogue and its effectiveness in character development and plot advancement.
  • Suggestions for style improvements and possible rewrites.
  • Feedback on overall manuscript strength, with suggestions for improvement.

At ServiceScape, we understand that every novel has its unique requirements, and we tailor our editing services to meet these needs. With our novel editing approach, your manuscript will not just be error-free but will resonate with your target audience, taking your readers on a journey they won't forget.

Mastering genre conventions

Writing a novel

When it comes to editing a novel, it's essential to appreciate the distinct nuances of each genre. Whether it's fantasy, romance, thriller, science fiction, or any other genre, every one of them has unique elements, conventions, and reader expectations that can make or break a novel's success.

At ServiceScape, our experienced editors have an in-depth understanding of these genre specifics. They know the tropes, conventions, and subtleties that each genre demands. And they don't just comprehend them; they know how to utilize them to enhance your narrative and captivate your intended readership. But even as we focus on genre conventions, we're equally committed to preserving your unique voice and style. Our editors appreciate that your voice is what gives your novel its distinctive personality, its soul. Their goal isn't to overwrite your style, but to enhance it, to help you articulate your vision more clearly and compellingly.

So, whether you're penning a fast-paced thriller, a sprawling fantasy epic, a sweeping historical drama, or a heart-wrenching romance, ServiceScape has the right genre expert for you. We invite you to explore our extensive team of editors and find that perfect match who can take your novel from good to great.

Uncompromised communication

Teleconference with a novel editor

Clear, consistent communication is at the heart of a successful novel editing process. At ServiceScape, we understand this principle and have designed our platform to facilitate open and uncompromised communication between our editors and clients.

Whether you prefer messages, video calls, or document annotations, our platform supports various communication options to suit your needs. We make it easy for you to discuss your project's specifics, share your ideas and concerns, and provide feedback at every step of the process. A novel is a personal endeavor, a unique expression of an author's imagination. We respect this by encouraging a collaborative working relationship between the author and the editor. This approach ensures that while your manuscript undergoes thorough editing, it remains aligned with your creative vision. With ServiceScape, you are always in control, and your voice is always heard.

Superior novel editing service

A woman writing a novel

At ServiceScape, our novel editors are not just exceptionally skilled – they are passionate about their work. Each of our editors brings a wealth of experience, specialized knowledge, and a deep commitment to the craft of novel editing. They are well-versed in a broad spectrum of genres and understand the subtle art of maintaining an author's unique voice while polishing their manuscript to perfection.

Our overriding objective is to exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of your novel not only being grammatically correct but also resonating with your target audience, maintaining consistency in its narrative, and delivering an impactful message. That's why we work meticulously on every detail of your manuscript, no matter how small.

We are committed to preserving your voice and style throughout the editing process. After all, a novel is a deeply personal work, a testament to an author's creativity and imagination. Our editors aim to enhance your manuscript's overall quality without altering its essence.

ServiceScape is here to ensure that your novel stands out for all the right reasons. Experience the ServiceScape difference today – where quality is not just promised but delivered.

Frequently asked questions

How do I hire an editor?

You can hire an editor in just four steps:

  1. Browse our directory to find the editor you want to hire.
  2. Click the "View Profile" button to see additional information.
  3. From the profile page, click on the "Hire Me" button.
  4. Upload your writing and enter your project details.

You will have the option to either select a predefined service or create a custom project. If you select a predefined service, you can pay for your project immediately by using a credit card, U.S. bank transfer, or PayPal®. After your payment method has been approved, the editor will start working on the project as soon as possible and will deliver it by the due date you selected. If you select a custom project, the editor will provide you with a service proposal that will have a unique price for the unique service you require.

Can I have a free sample?

Sure! Many ServiceScape editors provide free samples. You can submit a free sample request by doing the following:

  1. Browse our directory to find an editor you'd like to ask for a free sample.
  2. Click the "View Profile" button to see additional information.
  3. From the profile page, click on the "Free Sample" button.
  4. Upload your writing and enter your project details.

If the editor accepts your free sample request, you will receive the sample edited version within a couple of days.

How do I contact an editor?

To contact an editor about your project, just do the following:

  1. Browse our directory to find the editor you'd like to contact.
  2. Click the "View Profile" button to see additional information.
  3. From the profile page, click on the "Send Message" button.
  4. Write and send your message.

We will email you a notification as soon as your editor replies to your message.

How do I set up a teleconference with an editor?

If you would like to speak with an editor directly, just do the following:

  1. Browse our directory to find an editor you'd like to speak with on a teleconference call.
  2. Click the "View Profile" button to see additional information.
  3. From the profile page, click on the "Teleconference" button.
  4. Enter the date and time you would like to have your discussion.

We will contact you right away about availability and set up the teleconference for all parties involved.

Where can I find ratings and reviews for editors?

You can find ratings and reviews from past clients within most editor profiles. Just find your editor and click on the "View Profile" button to see them. You can also read ServiceScape ratings and reviews on eKomi. In addition, ServiceScape has been featured in several publications and websites, including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, UpWork, HuffPost, Indeed, and The Ladders.

Can I see examples of work the editors have done in the past?

Many editors have portfolios which feature their editing. Just find your editor and click on the "View Profile" button to view these edited versions.

Where can I find price and due date information?

A list of prices and due dates can be found within each editor's profile. Just find your editor and click on the "View Profile" button.

Do you provide editing certifications?

Yes, we provide editing certifications. Simply request the document when you hire an editor. When your project is delivered, you can download the editing certification by clicking on your project and clicking on the "Certification" button. These signed declarations certify that a document has been professionally edited by a ServiceScape editor.

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