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Manage Your Outsourcing

No matter what your business or institution does, the productivity of your organization is essential for success. If your team is focused on non-core tasks that could have been completed by others, your overall work potential will suffer as a result. Why have your team work on secondary tasks when ServiceScape professionals can do it for you? Giving your organization access to a freelance labor force will allow your team the flexibility to work with someone on demand when they need to focus on their primary responsibilities. Our experienced freelancers will fill in those missing labor gaps and allow your organization to innovate and achieve. Develop a private online workplace for your organization today and augment your labor strategy with freelance talent.

Understand Your Results

As the account manager, you can track the interaction between your personnel and the freelancers that they work with and acquire a better understanding of your outsourcing workflow. Every person who uses your account, the projects that they submit, and the freelancers who provide those services can all be accessed by signing into your account. Whether you want to track one particular project to make sure that everything runs fine or get an overall sense of your freelance productivity, ServiceScape delivers all the data you need so that you are not driving blind.

Earn Deposit Bonuses

At ServiceScape, we like to reward high volume users who need "bulk" freelance labor for their organizations. That's why when you deposit funds into your Corporate Account, you will receive a deposit bonus ranging from 5% to 10%, depending on the amount you deposit. If, for whatever reason, you do not use the entire deposit and you would like the funds returned to you, you can always refund the remaining amount and only lose the deposit bonus. With no risk and lots of rewards, there is no reason not to use ServiceScape for your freelance labor needs.

Corporate Account

The Basics

Essentially, a Corporate Account is a payment method for your freelance outsourcing. It allows your enterprise to seamlessly integrate freelance labor into your workflow by giving your team a prepaid payment method for freelance services. Your organization benefits from this arrangement not only by having online freelance labor readily available, but also by receiving a volume deposit bonus of up to 10%.

Let's say, for instance, you own a company and your employee requires an editor and a translator to complete his task. Using ServiceScape, the individual would simply register as a client, submit his projects to editors and translators he trusts, and pay for the work using your Corporate Account information. The amount would be deducted from your Corporate Account balance, which would include the deposits you have made as well as deposit bonuses of up to 10%. Meanwhile your employee would work with the freelancers he hired, the freelancers would deliver the requested work product, and your employee would use the delivered results to complete his task.

Getting Started

When you open a Corporate Account, you should first make a deposit by signing into your account and clicking on the "Deposit Funds" link located within the top right menu. After making your initial deposit, you should distribute your account name, account password, and instructions regarding how to use ServiceScape to your team. Please note that you should not distribute your manager password because the manager password identifies you as the manager of the Corporate Account and prevents others from accessing your Corporate Account data.

Also, please note that a Corporate Account is a payment method and should not be confused with a client account. A person who is going to use your Corporate Account should not attempt to sign in as a client using Corporate Account information. A person who is going to use your Corporate Account should register separately as a client, sign in using client account information, and pay for projects using Corporate Account information.

Once your team has all of the necessary details, all you have to do is sit back and manage the results. Those who require freelance labor will work with the professionals that they need and you will be kept in the loop with every project.

Track Your Activity

All pertinent data regarding Corporate Account usage is available to you. You can easily look up who is using your Corporate Account, who is being hired, and what projects are being submitted by just signing in. If you believe that there has been an unauthorized use of your Corporate Account, just contact us and we will investigate the issue immediately.


Deposit Your Funds

When you deposit funds into your Corporate Account, you will receive a deposit bonus ranging from 5% to 10% of the Corporate Account deposit amount. Please note that the minimum deposit amount for any Corporate Account transaction is $500.00 USD. To deposit funds into your Corporate Account, simply sign into your account, click on the "Deposit Funds" link located within the top right menu, submit the amount you want to deposit, and submit your payment details. ServiceScape accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, U.S. bank transfers, and PayPal®.

Withdraw Your Funds

To withdraw funds from a Corporate Account, a person simply enters the account name and password within the payment method page during the last step of the project submission process. The cost of the project will be deducted from your Corporate Account balance, and you will be able to track the progress of the project, as well as the individuals involved with the project by signing into your account. You will receive notifications whenever your account balance is too low to allow for additional transactions.

Refund Your Deposit

If you would like to refund a deposit, simply click on the deposit and click on the "Refund" button. If you refund a deposit, the associated deposit bonus will also be deducted from your Corporate Account balance. If your Corporate Account balance is less than the refunded deposit and bonus, a partial refund will be processed that will equal the Corporate Account balance minus the bonus. If your Corporate Account balance is less than the bonus, the refund will not be processed. Also, please note that refunds cannot be processed if the deposit is over 90 days old.

Deposit Amounts and Bonuses

Deposit amount options and their associated bonus percentages are as follows:

$500.00 USD
5% Bonus

$1,000.00 USD
7% Bonus

$2,500.00 USD
8% Bonus

$5,000.00 USD
10% Bonus


Can I have an invoice or receipt for my deposit?

You can download an invoice by clicking on the deposit and clicking on the "Invoice" button. A receipt is sent to your email address after your payment is processed. If the invoice and receipt are insufficient proof of purchase, you should use your credit card statement, bank statement, or PayPal statement as proof of purchase.

How do I change my invoice?

You can change the name, company, and billing address within your invoice. To modify this information, simply go to your Settings and click on "Name", "Company", or "Address".

Why am I not receiving email notifications?

Though ServiceScape sends email notifications to you whenever something happens to your account, we cannot guarantee that an email sent from ServiceScape will be delivered to your email address. Spam filters and greylisting may delay or even prevent email delivery. If you are not receiving emails from us, please make sure that you check your spam filter for ServiceScape emails. If they are being treated as spam, you should add "" to your email account's safe senders list. If you are still not receiving emails from ServiceScape, please contact your ISP regarding this issue.

I accidentally submitted two duplicate deposits. What should I do?

We would recommend that you refund one of them.

What forms of payment do you accept?

ServiceScape accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, U.S. bank transfers, and PayPal.

Is my payment information safe?

ServiceScape has made every effort to make your transaction secure and safe. We use the industry standard encryption protocol (SSL) to protect all of your information. Your payment data is only stored with third party gateway providers and is never part of our database. No one at ServiceScape has the ability to access your private credit card, banking, or PayPal information.

Why is my credit card statement showing declined payments as successfully processed?

If you used a credit card and entered an incorrect billing address or CSC, your card-issuing bank may show these declined credit card payments as successful. However, the declined payment attempts will be removed by your card-issuing bank tomorrow. Please check your credit card statement tomorrow after the declined payment attempts have been processed.