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Writing an Effective Thesis Statement

In this episode, we discuss the thesis statement, including what it is, how to write a strong thesis statement for your paper, and why it's important. We also provide some helpful example if a thesis statement and how to narrow it down to make it stronger.

Here's a quick summary of what we cover in this video:

What Is a Thesis Statement?

  • A thesis statement makes a debatable argument
  • It is the culmination of your research
  • A thesis statement should answer a specific question
  • It will always appear on the first page (and generally in the first paragraph)

How Do You Write a Good Thesis Statement?

  • Conduct detailed research
  • Create a debatable argument that asserts an opinion and provides room for further analysis
  • Use concise wording that narrows the focus for your thesis (a lengthy thesis statement will distract your reader)

Why Does It Matter?

  • A thesis statement can help us to learn to come to conclusions
  • Can answer questions on how and why something works
  • Teaches how to follow directions
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