Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction Writing
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Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction Writing

From journeys across dangerous terrain, to adventures off in galaxies far, far away, world building is present in every work of fiction we know and love. But how do you build worlds of your own? Today's episode of Write On breaks down how to define your world from the bottom up, touching on everything from defining location and language to politics and religion for your Sci-Fi or Fantasy world in just a few questions. We discuss how to keep your worldbuilding organized and relevant to the plot of your story, as well as show you how to map out the continents of your world in a creative way. Follow along at home as Emma asks questions about your world, and you may find that with each answer you give your world will begin to come alive.


  1. Staying on Track
  2. Building your Characters & World Together
  3. Pick a Subgenre
  4. Pick a Topic to Start Building
  5. Find Real-Life Inspiration
  6. Location
  7. Making a Map (with beans!)
  8. Religion
  9. Politics
  10. Language
  11. Magic and Technology
  12. Show, Don't Tell
  13. Retrospective

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