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Where to Find the Best Blog Post Templates


When you're sitting down to write a blog post, you might find that you need some help figuring out just how to send out your message to your readers. It's always a good idea to gather as much info as you can about the content that will appeal to your target audience. There are tons of websites out there created by SEO and marketing experts who know a thing or two about how you can bring in the most readers. Take a look at this list of good blog post templates you can use for your own post. You'll probably find that many resources will have overlapping types of templates, but this just adds to your options; if you have a list post, for example, you can look at the available templates and choose which one makes your heart sing. Check out the resources offered on these sites:


Ahrefs is a marketing tool to help you navigate the world of SEO marketing. On its website, Ahrefs offers a step-by-step blog formatting guide to help you decide what type of blog post is right for your content out of four types:

  1. The List Post
  2. The Step-By-Step Guide
  3. The Expanded Definition
  4. The Beginner's Guide

The Ahrefs guide describes each format type, outlines the uses of each one, and offers a template once you've decided on your purpose. In its effort to be even more helpful, for each post type, the website provides links to example blog posts that apply these styles. That helps you get an idea of how your own blog post will look. Ahrefs also serves as a further resource for marketing and SEO optimization for a fee if you're looking for help beyond writing templates.


Clearly created by writers just like you, SiegeMedia offers helpful advice and tools to help you focus your efforts and save you time. This post give you access to 8 templates of commonly offered (but always effective!) blog post types to help you create greater value in your post:

  1. How-To Post Template
  2. List Post Template
  3. "What Is" Post Template
  4. Case Study Post Template
  5. Survey Post Template
  6. X vs. Y Post Template
  7. Beginner's Guide Post Template
  8. Infographic Post Template


From the beginning, Backlinko attests to the success of using blog post templates, touting a huge increase in daily visitor traffic after implementing them. Using a detailed process to help you nail down your purpose and path for your blog post, Backlinko provides details of seven types of posts and offers templates for each one. This site also gives you specific questions and elements to consider when compiling your work and creating an appealing read for your blog. Each description gives examples of posts with illustrations to help you visualize your own journey forward. You've probably seen (and clicked on!) these types of post in your own browsing experience, so you know that these approaches work. Use this source to find the template that most fits your own purpose. When you're done, you can explore the other tools Backlinko has to offer, like content writing guides, writing calendar creation, and blog design.


Mailchimp's templates include guides to help you create a high-impact blog post with well-crafted graphics and text. Mailchimp offers a drag-and-drop post builder, making the creation process extra easy and frustration free. When you're building your brand and looking to extend your reach and influence, this site (with subscription) can also help you to extend your reach with other templates, such as landing pages, sales campaigns, and emails.


Offering free downloads of six blog post templates, Hubspot has a pretty simple, clear site that includes very little more than the templates offered and a brief FAQ about the list. A stripped-down design can be a refreshing break if you've been navigating more complicated sites whose templates are buried in other marketing services. Hubspot gives a thumbnail preview of each type so you know what you're looking at before clicking the Download link.


If you lack content ideas and need more than just a formatting template, SearchEnginePeople has dozens of templates that give you more fundamental guidance for your blog post. Many of these templates are guides to help you create your text, while others give you templates more like you'll find on other sites, in which you can input your previously composed text and graphics to create a polished post. Some of the topics are even focused on marketing, audience outreach, and quality-of-life issues to help you in your life as a blogger.


If easy post composition is your jam, use CoSchedule has done the handiwork for you and offers a 10-template download to help you create engaging blog content. The templates are grouped together in a kit for download once you sign up for the site's mailing list, but you can also access these templates:

  1. Blog Audience Persona Template
  2. Blog Keyword Research Template
  3. Blog Title Template
  4. Blog Post Outline Template
  5. Blog Post Template
  6. Blog Call-to-Action Template
  7. Content Editing Checklist
  8. Blog Post SEO Checklist
  9. Blog Post Promotion Template
  10. Blog Post Analysis Template

In addition to offering useful templates, CoSchedule also walks you through the whys and hows of carrying out each of these actions to create compelling content and fully engage your readers.

These websites offer countless tools to help you make the most of your ideas and deliver your content in the most engaging way possible. Some offer cut-and-paste templates for writers who have their text ready to go but aren't quite sure how to format it, while other sites provide templates if you're starting from scratch and need more guidance through the blog post writing process. Luckily, the sites listed above are here for you, and whatever help you seek, you can find it at these helpful websites. The blog templates are mostly free, but another benefit of these sites is that, in addition to guidance with post writing, they can offer other resources you might be looking for if you're willing to invest a little cheddar. Good luck, and see you around the blogosphere!

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