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Top 7 Business Writing Courses


Every day at work, you face countless opportunities to write. Maybe your team is presenting an idea, you're sending out a team memo, or you are responsible for creating client proposals. How can you be sure you're creating a text that portrays your ideas clearly? Is your message concise, or does it need to be tightened up? Should you use graphics? If so, how do you incorporate them effectively? Ongoing employee training can certainly help you communicate confidently in a business setting and give you the tools you need to create clear texts for your officemates.

We've provided a list of seven organizations that offer business writing courses to help you shape up your written communication in the workplace. Some companies are targeted to businesses whose leaders wish to offer ongoing education to their employees, but many courses can also be accessed by individuals, regardless of work affiliation. Check out these options to see which one best fits your needs.

1. Udemy

Featuring a wide range of business writing courses, Udemy offers options for both individual learners and company contracts to access lifelong professional learning. Its courses are affordable and easily accessible online, covering subjects such as technical business writing, email etiquette, and effective communication, which will improve all of your professional interactions.

For example, the Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion class promises training to help improve your ability to compose clear, concise writing with greater organization skills and speed to increase your productivity at work. This course involves 4.5 hours of on-demand video lectures, dozens of downloadable resources on the subject, and a certificate of completion.

Courses through Udemy are accessible on several platforms, including mobile and TV. You can preview the first course in a class, and when you do decide to buy, the prices are extremely affordable. The institution even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the class isn't what you expected.

2. The Business Writing Center

The Business Writing Center targets companies whose employees struggle with communication and writing in their professional lives and need an extra boost to help them get ahead in their careers. Focusing on topics such as grammar and clarity, The Business Writing Center will collect writing samples and determine the best course for each person according to their level of writing.

Courses are identified in terms of their length and required investment (of both money and time), with some being "short" or "in-depth" and others pursued through self-study. Others are labeled as "customized," through which the institution consults with companies to cater to each of the individuals taking the course. The goal is to bring each person to the same level of writing in order to empower teams and increase productivity. While this institution seeks contracts with companies wanting to involve whole staffs, individuals can access The Business Writing Center's courses as well. A huge benefit of the materials provided is that they can be accessed even after a course is concluded.

3. Domestika

With classes targeting entrepreneurs, Domestika can help you develop skills like copywriting to define the tone of your brand, writing techniques to sell ideas, and storytelling techniques to convey a message. Courses are rated and reviewed by previous users to give you a glimpse into how others have enjoyed them, and prices are low. Furthermore, the classes are pre-recorded by people living around the world, with subtitles available in several languages to appeal to a broad audience. This approach enables you to gain entrepreneurial insights from international professionals!

You can complete your course at your own pace online, available on mobile app and through the website, and once you purchase it, you can access your course materials forever. Some classes even involve interactive elements with your instructor.

4. LinkedIn Learning

Did you know that LinkedIn offers courses? Based in the US, LinkedIn is mainly known as a professional networking site, but the site also offers users access to thousands of online courses taught by experts in almost every field imaginable. The fee structure follows a subscription service, offering users unlimited access upon paying the monthly fee. You can take classes on both mobile and computer, so your lifelong learning is convenient wherever you are. Plus, the subscription service can bring you that extra motivation to get your money's worth every month and keep learning new subjects. You can join as a workplace or just as an individual who seeks a boost in your business communique.

5. Coursera

Leading with the mantra, "Learn without Limits," Coursera caters to people who seek higher education degrees and training to help them break into a new professional field and also offers bit-sized courses to help professionals strengthen their knowledge and skills. The site provides either a free option or a subscription to Coursera for Business, through which companies can access training to strengthen their employees' skills.

You can view the online business writing course offerings in order of rating to ensure that you get a class that many others have enjoyed and benefited from. The company also demonstrates a noticeable focus on providing non-native English speakers the language tools they need to thrive in the English-speaking workplace.

6. Centre for Continuing Education

Offered through the University of Sydney, the Centre for Continuing Education offers courses to the general public, in person at several locations in Australia and online for anyone with Internet access. The organization values accessibility for everyone, regardless of education level or location, and keeps the courses short and digestible. With a goal of keeping learning accessible and interesting, the Centre for Continuing Education caters to both university students and professionals who seek to gain new skills throughout their lives.

The courses provide strong instruction on effective writing in general, which can certainly benefit you in the workplace. You'll then learn to apply those skills to specific business situations. With the tools gained in these classes, you'll be able to effectively determine the audience and purpose of your business writing, use visuals and jargon correctly, and achieve better clarity in your communication.

7. Pryor Learning

Offering live online seminars and some on-site courses, depending on your location, Pryor Learning gives you the opportunity to attend a one-time seminar for 3-4 hours (over 1-2 days) on your subject of choice. It even repeats the course at different times to accommodate people in various time zones. Pryor enables you to purchase a yearly pass for full access to its website and courses at any time. Live webinars are also available for those who wish to participate in an event as it happens and potentially submit real-time questions to the instructor.

Because businesses are increasing in their online presence and networking with colleagues around the world, it is essential to polish your writing skills and represent yourself in the best way possible. Clear understanding is the main goal of your written materials, and grammar mistakes and unclear statements can distract your audience from your intended message. Even worse, imprecise communication that is too long and wordy can decrease productivity for your whole team. As an employee in a large corporation or as an entrepreneur starting your own brand, you'll gain immeasurable benefits from stronger writing skills. These courses will bring you closer to your goal of writing concise, clear, persuasive text in any professional context. Most classes are very inexpensive, and the investment will pay off big in the long run. Plus, continuing education is a great way to keep growing and expanding your mind. Enroll in a course that entices you!

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