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Top 50 Academic Blogs You Should Be Reading


Blogs have become ubiquitous when it comes to learning about various topics on the Internet. From specialists to hobbyists, to mommy blogs and cooking blogs, there's no shortage of things to read online. So how do you know which blogs to read when you want educational and academic resources or guidance?

Instead of having to search through the millions of search results on Google, we have gathered a list of the top 50 academic blogs that you should be reading. From students to parents to teachers, there is something for everyone on this list.

  1. Strayer University Buzz: The Buzz blog offers information on various topics, such as the value of a degree, motivation & inspiration, lifestyle, industry leadership, and more.
  2. Boston College Law: If you're a law student or are thinking of becoming a law student, then this blog can give you some insights into life in law school. It includes photos and updates from students, faculty, and alumni.
  3. Edutopia: This site offers resources and information for parents and teachers of primary and secondary education students. If you are a parent looking for guidance, then this blog can help provide that for you.
  4. Inside Higher Ed: This blog website features blogs on a variety of topics in academia. From flexibility in education to learning in the Army, there's something for everyone here. It also includes online tools and digital learning resources to help support virtual and remove teaching.
  5. The Thesis Whisperer: This blog is focused on helping PhD students finish their thesis. There is valuable information available through this blog, so if you are working on a thesis this might be the blog for you.
  6. DoctoralWriting SIG: This blog is another great blog for PhD students to get help writing their thesis. They have various topics of focus, including Conceptualising your research to help you find the posts applicable to your needs.
  7. Dan Cohen's Blog: From Dan's About page: Dan Cohen is the Vice Provost for Information Collaboration, Dean of the Library, and Professor of History at Northeastern University. His work has focused on the impact of digital media and technology on all aspects of knowledge and learning, from the nature of libraries and their evolving resources, to twenty-first century research techniques and software tools, to the changing landscape of communication and publication.
  8. Happy Academic: This blog offers support and sanity for early- and mid-career researchers. With nearly 3,000 followers, this blog has a good following of interested readers.
  9. Academic Transformations: This blog is part of a greater service that offers classroom management training, learning coaching, and student advocates.
  10. Diary of Doctor Logic: This is the blog of Sara L. Uckelman, Assistant Professor at Durham University. It focuses on topics related to scholarly publishing and life as an academic, along with her approach to teaching logic and philosophy, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, tips on being productive, and more.
  11. Blog on Math Blogs: This blog represents a trip down the proverbial rabbit hole of blogs on math. From political polling, AI, mathematically inspired GIFs, to presentations, this blog has some very interesting perspectives.
  12. Get a Life, PhD: The focus of this blogger's articles is balancing the life of a researcher and a parent in the stressful modern world. If you are looking for solidarity in wanting to find balance between your academic and personal lives, this may be an entertaining academic blog for you.
  13. Patter: Pat Thomson is a Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham. Pat researches changes in schools and writes about varied topics such as refining research topics, bad behavior in academics, and other inspiration.
  14. Catherine Cronin: To read about open education and its benefits and drawbacks, check out Catherine's blog. She has been in research, teaching and advocacy in higher education for over 25 years.
  15. Research to Action: This blog is all about putting research into practical applications and not keeping it on paper.
  16. Prof Hacker: For tutorials, tips, and commentary on pedagogy, productivity, and tech in academia, this blog is at the top of the list.
  17. Faculty Focus: If you are a teacher looking to expand your teaching strategies for college classes, then check out Faculty Focus.
  18. Nadine Muller: Nadine brings fresh air to discussions about what skills are taken for granted in academia.
  19. Getting Smart: Another good resource for teachers, Getting Smart talks about innovations in teaching and learning, and has expanded to focus on remote schooling solutions.
  20. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: This blog focuses on integrating technology into the classroom using the latest tools.
  21. The Edvocate: This blog highlights the latest news in education, including policy changes, current events, and educational reform and innovation.
  22. The Confident Teacher: English teachers can rejoice! There is a blog dedicated to teaching reading and literature at home and in classrooms.
  23. Inflection Magazine: This is a blog that explores cultural and scholarly impacts of academics and higher institutions.
  24. EdCan Network: If you are in Canada and are interested in learning environments, check out this blog.
  25. Blog: One of the main aspects of academia is the federal government regulations. is the official online blog of the U.S. Department of Education.
  26. ServiceScape Blog: Take a look at our academic writing advice. You won't be disappointed.
  27. Ivy Coach: A blog specialized for Ivy League schools, Ivy Coach offers tips for writing essays, completing applications, and getting those admissions interviews just right.
  28. The Lore Blog: Aimed at students and teachers, this blog discusses breaking news in education, from politics to financial news, along with advice and opinion.
  29. Bold: This blog is academia focused on early education initiatives.
  30. The Shakeup Learning Blog: Articles, podcasts, and webinars in this blog offer tutorials and advice on the newest teaching methods.
  31. EdTech Review: Academics has expanded rapidly into technology in recent years. EdTech Review centers around the role of digital media in all levels of schooling.
  32. From the Labs: This blog from the Baylor College of Medicine is for those who want to read about the latest research in genetics, neuroscience, public health, and more.
  33. ECPI University Blog: Articles in this blog talk about skills needed to succeed in the medical, engineering, and technology industries.
  34. Women's Center Blog: From the University of Idaho, this blog discusses gender and social justice topics from an academic perspective.
  35. Newsroom Blog: Students at Brigham Young University offer insightful articles on studying abroad, education news, and research.
  36. Chemistry Grad Students & Postdocs Blog: Chemistry grad students contribute articles about their experiences.
  37. Academic Commons: This is a community of faculty, librarians, admins, and others who are interested in technology in education.
  38. Leiter Reports: Get news and opinions about the academic profession, academic freedom, intellectual culture, and more.
  39. Study Hacks: This is an exploration of technology and strategies for learning and building an accomplished and engaging life.
  40. Center for Academic Innovation: Designing the future of learning through research, innovation, experimentation, and iteration.
  41. ACRLog: Blogging by and for academic and research librarians.
  42. The College Puzzle: This blog is written by Dr. Michael W. Kirst at Stanford University.
  43. Adventures in Gradland: Follow along with grad students as they explore the ins and outs of graduate student life.
  44. Digital Tweed: Not a fashion blog, but rather a chronicle of the evolution of technology in higher education. This blog is thoughtful and comprehensive, making it a must-read.
  45. The Social Academic Blog: In depth advice regarding how to communicate research online.
  46. e-Literate: Michael Feldstein maintains this blog as a place for thoughts on interesting happenings in the world of educational technology.
  47. Hack Education: From Audrey Watters, this blog is an entertaining and informative space for discussions on technology and education. There's also a weekly podcast to go along with the blog.
  48. Schools Matter: Activism for education is a popular topic in this blog where authors contribute stories, research, and information to readers.
  49. Stratford University Blog: This online blog gives a lot of information and helpful articles on internships, culinary studies, and international studies.
  50. UVM Outreach: The University of Vermont manages this blog that includes insights into education, business, and careers for students after college.

With these resources, readers can experience a plethora of opinions, research, and insights into everything academia, from technology in the classroom to political changes that will affect academics for many years to come.

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