Time Management for the Serial Procrastinator
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Time Management for the Serial Procrastinator

Sometimes the hardest part of doing a project is keeping yourself on task, and with so many easily accessible distractions at our fingertips, completing your work in a timely manner can feel close to impossible. That being said, today's episode discusses a few methods you can use to free yourself from the grip of procrastination and take back your time. Through understanding your own process and planning accordingly, to following the "Pomodoro Technique" and heeding Mark Twain's "Eat the Frog" method of completing your work, this video aims to help you find ways to help you get your projects done, while making sure to accommodate for your personal needs. We hope that it helps you on your academic journey!


  1. Timing Your Process
  2. How to Limit Distractions
  3. Designating Time to Rest
  4. Utilizing the Pomodoro Technique
  5. How to "Eat the Frog"

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