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The Best YouTube Channels for Writing Advice


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Writing can be tough work, especially when you have no idea where to start or what mistakes to avoid. Luckily, we have an excellent resource in YouTube. On YouTube, you can find instructional videos on how to replace a car battery, to install crown molding, or – you guessed it – to write effectively. So many experts have created video courses on their YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure to help you focus in on your writing. Here are some of the best:

  1. Brandon Sanderson: Well known for his epic fantasy writing, Brandon Sanderson's YouTube channel includes some of his own university course lectures and book signings, during which he answers questions in online streaming platforms. When he receives certain questions a lot or if there's a subject that he feels calls for more focused attention, Brandon creates devoted videos on topics like his beginnings as a writer, etc., within his channel. He also provides weekly videos with updates on his rich and varied career highlights as a well-known author.
  2. WordNerds: If the channel trailer (a spoof on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine sitcom opening that features the WordNerds cast) alone doesn't grab you, maybe you'll be charmed by the more than 1,500 videos on the channel that feature a little bit of every topic you can think of to guide your writing process. In addition to advice videos, WordNerds also host live chats, during which they answer viewer questions, and fun virtual write-ins, during which the team provides writing prompts for the group to use. These creative formats are sure to spark your productivity.
  3. Terrible Writing Advice: Giving the very worst writing advice, this channel gives you advice of what not to do when writing. Using entertaining animation and sarcastic enthusiasm, Terrible Writing Advice features videos with tips you should not follow if you want the greatest success in your writing of dystopian, fantasy, and sci-fi novels. Check out this channel for a healthy dose of irony and entertainment while you learn what mistakes to avoid.
  4. ShaelinWrites: Age doesn't always mean more success! Shaelin is a 22-year-old Canadian fiction writer who has published several books. Her videos describe her own journey and the lessons she learned as she navigated the road toward becoming a published writer. Shaelin provides reviews of the books she's reading and also documents her experiences with NaNoWriMo and experiments such as making an effort to write every day, offering her final decision on whether she recommends such a practice for every writer.
  5. The Creative Penn: Joanna Penn is the star of this channel. A published author herself, Joanna knows the best way to get published, and many of her videos feature advice on how to best market and publish your work. She directs her advice to both fiction and non-fiction writing, so her videos can appeal to a wide range of authors and the specific struggles they face. She designs her advice to help writers reach the goal of making a living through their writing, so The Creative Penn is a great resource if this is your objective. The thumbnails for Joanna's videos provide a clear description of what you'll be learning in each one, which is helpful at a glance if you're looking for specific advice.
  6. Grammar Girl: If using correct grammar is a challenge for you, but you know that poor grammar will instantly discredit you as a writer, check out the Grammar Girl YouTube channel. Through short videos that discuss the difference between "espresso" and "expresso," etc., this channel corrects commonly made grammar gaffes and demystifies confusing terms in easily digestible video clips.
  7. Robert McKee: Specializing in seasonal webinars, Robert McKee discusses character development and story design. Robert gives guidance to writers on creating comedy and dark storylines, and expounds on the need for better storytelling in business.
  8. Jorden Makelle: If you're not into novel writing, Jorden's YouTube channel focuses on advice for freelance writers. Her videos explain how you can get your feet wet in the freelance business and sources you can explore to get work. Videos on Jorden's channel help you get everything you need in order, including building your writing portfolio, creating a writer's blog, and improving your craft.
  9. Rachael Stephen: We all know that the writing process can be an emotional process, and Rachael Stephen covers a lot of the anguish and euphoria on her YouTube video. Rachael is a fantasy fiction writer from Scotland who doesn't seem like the kind of guru who will coddle you when you've hit a wall. She understands that it's tough to get the motivation to get up and write (or do housework), so much of her videos offer writing advice that serves as the kick in the tail that we all need from time to time. She also provides some distraction when that's needed, too.
  10. bookishpixie: With videos that mainly feature advice for new writers, channel host Gabe is a YA author who provides tips on starting the writing process, how to get published, seeking out good critique partners, and how to improve your texts. His videos are typically fairly short and easy to watch for a quick dose of writing advice.
  11. Jenna Morenci: Using snarky humor in her instructional videos, Jenna Morenci provides instructional videos on hyperbolic topics such as "Best Fantasy Tropes Ever" and "Worst Fantasy Writing Ever." Identifying as "Best-selling Author and Cyborg," Jenna's personal writing lies within the dark fantasy genre. Her channel is well organized into categories to help you zero in on what you need specifically. Whether you're just getting started in your writing and need general tips, or you're finished creating characters and need tips to flesh out your protagonist, you can find dozens of videos with helpful instructions of what to do (or to stop doing) as a writer. Most of her videos are 15-30 minutes long, so you can get some good tips even if you don't have a lot of time. A few of her videos even cater to busy, time-strapped writers, so you know she's going to get to the point.
  12. Self Publishing Formula: Touted as a free course for self-publishers, this channel serves as a resource for indie writers to draw on the expertise of best-selling author Mark Dawson. In addition to providing his own experience and wisdom from the writing world, Mark visits with other authors to give viewers valuable insight regarding how to navigate the self-publishing world successfully.
  13. Vivien Reis: Specializing in tips for novel writers, Vivien Reis has designed a YouTube channel with video resources to help writers tackle various aspects of writing a successful novel. Within her videos, Vivien walks viewers through what the first few pages should include, how to have a strong first chapter, and which mistakes to avoid. She focuses on setting goals and creating writing plans, which can help you stay on task when it's hard to stay motivated to write.
  14. Kristen Martin: If you're not ready to quit your day job and dive head first into the writer's world, you might be interested in the experiences of Kristen Martin, an indie writer who gives advice for writing in your free time. Her channel also serves as a source of guidance on meditation and stress relief, which a busy professional might need while also moonlighting as a writer!
  15. Self-Publishing with Dale: Considering publishing to Kindle or other self-publishing mediums? The best-selling host of this channel, Dale, walks you through the best way to go about it. He discusses selecting the right keywords, navigating the issue of narrator voice, and building your author brand. Dale's videos also include general advice about writing a really great story your audience will want to read.
  16. Katytastic: While the main focus of Kat O'Keefe's YouTube channel is discussion of her own latest reads, she does offer several videos to help viewers through the hurdles writers often face, like how to brainstorm ideas, how to create a killer story outline, and how to motivate yourself to write. If you participate in NaNoWriMo, Kat even offers advice and playlists to help you survive and thrive through the month-long writing event.
  17. iWriterly: A specialist in the world of self-publishing, Meg Latorre provides videos that target writers who are just getting started in the authorship world. She gives her take on what literary agents are looking for in published works and what you should avoid in your texts to prevent rejections. This channel also includes resources for finding good cover artists and other valuable information for indie publishers.
  18. ProWritingAidTV: This channel offers videos featuring guest speakers in an educational course format. Topics are wide ranging, including updating your writing resume after a rough patch and grammar tips to help you clear up any language rules that you're not sure about. In addition, instead of a talking head format, many videos on this channel offer visual instruction on how to navigate important software and other website tools. Use this channel also as a valuable networking resource, as it provides links to other channels and resources within the online writing community.
  19. ServiceScape: Our writing advice channel is the best and you should check it out because, well, because it's ours and it's really cool. We promise. Check it out! You'll like it.

Any one of these channels gives you hours of content on a wide range of topics, so whatever your writing project, you are nearly guaranteed to find the advice you need. Give a few of these channels a try!

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