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The 50 Best YouTube Music Channels for Writing and Concentration


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Many writers find that listening to music while writing or performing any kind of creative work can help them concentrate, feel energized, and generate ideas more readily. Research indicates that several types of music help people concentrate at work. Classical music is a common choice; studies have suggested that this type of music helps people perform tasks more efficiently — an idea known as the "Mozart Effect." Classical music lacks the distraction of lyrics and has been known to have a calming influence, which are all good things for writing. Other types of music good for turning on in the background are nature sounds, movie soundtracks, and even video game music. Listening to ambient music has been shown to improve cognitive function, and we all need a boost now and then while we're writing.

Some studies show that it's not necessarily the type of music you listen to, but the tempo that inspires productivity! Music with 50 to 80 beats per minute (bpm) has been shown to put the brain into an alpha state, which stimulates creativity and makes us more open and less critical. This is in contrast to a beta state, which is the state of alertness in which we spend most of our waking moments.

Whatever style of music you are looking for as you work, many platforms are available online that offer countless options for streaming music of all genres. And of course, just as YouTube can save the day when you're trying to figure out how to install a garbage disposal, it can also save your brain when you've hit the wall in your creative work. YouTube channels are an excellent source for hours of music in the background to help you focus on your writing. Below are selections from several categories of music for the 50 best YouTube channels designed to boost your concentration:

My personal favorites

  1. Lofi Girl
    If lofi music puts you in right mood for writing, you have to check out this channel. It streams some of the best beats for concentration.
  2. Lucas King
    The young pianist behind this channel creates epic original music as well as soundtrack re-imaginings from such movies as Star Wars® and Edward Scissorhands®.
  3. Dreamy
    This channel offers a great mix of lofi, hip hop, jazz hop, and ambient music that will get you in the right frame of mind for writing.
  4. Autumn Cozy
    Does writing on a rainy day in a cozy coffee shop get your creative juices flowing? How about warming up next to an outdoor fireplace on a porch during autumn? If cozy ambience is your thing, you should try this channel.
  5. Café Music BGM Channel
    If you are one of the many people out there who prefer to study in cafés instead of libraries, this channel might be right for you. The band behind this channel mostly performs original songs, giving you the right set of vibes to get things done.

Classical music

    With curated playlists specifically for studying, working, and reading, HALIDONMUSIC also offers "best of" videos featuring several individual composers. It even has compilations designed for babies!
  2. Just Instrumental Music
    Emphasizing piano music, Just Instrumental Music provides a channel with selections from Mozart, Strauss, and Bach, among others, to help you get into the zone while writing.
  3. Classical Tunes
    Featuring videos of music from several composers, Classical Tunes is ideal for a focused writing environment.
    Claiming benefits for improved relaxation and sleep, RELAX CHANNEL digs into the Mozart Effect within its streams of piano and instrumental streams to help you relax and concentrate.

Soothing and meditative

  1. BLUME
    BLUME is a good source for soothing ambient music to help you relax and concentrate while preventing any mental noise from interfering with your creativity.
  2. Quiet Quest – Study Music
    In addition to its slow, soothing electric guitar riffs, Quiet Quest provides sweeping videos of nature to provide visual inspiration when needed.
  3. relaxdaily
    Relaxdaily provides the option of live streaming to give you unlimited ambient piano music to help you clear your mind and concentrate.
  4. Yellow Brick Cinema
    Offering relaxing tracks to help you sleep, study, or perform yoga, Yellow Brick Cinema creates live feeds for uninterrupted, soothing music.
  5. Good Vibes – Binaural Beats
    If you're looking for a soundtrack that helps you achieve greater awareness of your mental state, check out Good Vibes. This channel offers instrumental music that is specially designed to enhance brain function and concentration.
  6. Relax Channel Harmony Sound
    Featuring everything from shamanic songs to hair dryers, Relax Channel Harmony Sound can bring greater focus to your writing tasks.
    The STUDY MUSIC channel provides hours of classical piano music to help you achieve an inspiring, productive state of mind.
  8. Mindful Kids
    Although these videos are targeted to children, they feature soothing musical tracks with positive aspirations, which can be useful and inspiring for people of all ages!
  9. Greenred Productions
    The tracks provided by Greenred Productions offer slow, soothing instrumentals to encourage a meditative state and a clear mind for writing.
  10. Meditation and Healing
    This channel seeks to provide tracks that help detox the body with healing vibrations and meditative sounds that help you reach a higher state of consciousness.
  11. Nu Meditation Music
    In the channel description, Nu Meditation Music states that listening to this music for 10 minutes or more can induce a calmer and more relaxed state (exactly what you need for your next writing endeavor).
  12. Best Music Compilation
    Chill out to the lounge music featured on the Best Music Compilation channel.
  13. Meditation Relax Music
    With tracks featuring piano and flute, Meditation Relax Music can provide restful ambient music for your workday.
  14. Sleep Easy Relax – Keith Smith
    While the focus of this channel's music is to facilitate relaxing sleep, you can also use these videos for relaxation during your writing. Just make sure that you don't conk out on your keyboard.
  15. Musictherapy – Relaxing Music
    Musictherapy combines piano and other instrumentals with sounds of rain and rushing water, providing a strong vehicle for increasing your concentration.
  16. 8D Study Music
    This channel, featuring instrumentals with a strong beat against the sound of rain, encourages listeners to use headphones for the maximum effect.
  17. MeditationRelaxClub
    Access this channel for a 24/7 stream of meditative and peaceful new age music.
  18. 321 Relaxing – Meditation Relax Clips
    With a focus on the sounds of water, 321 Relaxing offers live and downloadable tracks for your listening pleasure.

Natural ambience

  1. Nature Whispers
    If you prefer the sounds of nature, including crickets, waves, rain and wind, and forest streams, Nature Whispers has you covered.
  2. Relaxing White Noise
    Featuring rain and thunder in addition to other nature sounds, Relaxing White Noise offers tracks for both work and sleep.
  3. TheSilentWatcher
    TheSilentWatcher has tracks with bird songs, the crackle of a fireplace, rushing water, and waves with accompanying visuals to help ground you mentally while you work.
  4. johnnielawson
    You can also purchase and download these soundscapes so that you can access them offline when you need them.
  5. Naturaleza Viva – Sonidas y Paisajes Increíbles
    If the sound of beach waves is your jam, this channel is for you.

Soundtrack and soundtrack-esque music

  1. TV Series & Movie Soundtrack
    This channel features music from countless TV shows and movies, giving you the perfect soundtrack while writing.
  2. Premium Music HQ
    Premium Music HQ features a massive library with more than 1,000 epic tracks from all around the world.
  3. The Best Movie Soundtracks
    When you want to relive the magic of your favorite flicks while also being productive, The Best Movie Soundtracks can give you the sense of watching a movie without being distracted by the dialogue.
  4. Fallout 4: Far Harbor Original Soundtrack
    This hauntingly beautiful yet calm soundtrack will get your wheels turning, especially if you are writing a dark and mysterious story.
  5. Коля Коля
    This channel offers 8-hour tracks of the best epic movie soundtracks to inspire your work.
  6. Hour Loop
    Hour Loop provides access to videos featuring video game soundtracks for fans of Naruto®.
  7. Fable Soundtrack
    Composed by Danny Elfman in 2004, this whimsical soundtrack will get you in the right creative mindset.
  8. Baxylz Music
    Compiling cinematic, television, and video game soundtracks, the videos on this channel also feature inspirational quotes on screen.
  9. SuperRedGames
    The same music that helps you concentrate on completing game quests can help you concentrate while you write. SuperRedGames has compilations of your favorites. Just be careful not to succumb to the temptations to stop working and go play the games!
  10. Fruddle
    Providing video game music for relaxation, sleep, or energizing study, Fruddle can help you get into the right frame of mind for writing.
  11. Secession Studios
    This channel specializes in deeply powerful cinematic soundtracks.
  12. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Soundtrack
    If you think that slaying a dragon and the act of writing feel similar, this soundtrack is right for you.


  1. Happy Music
    The ukulele tracks on Happy Music will lift your spirits and energize your mind as you concentrate on your writing.
  2. Beautiful Music
    Beautiful Music provides energetic, fast-paced tracks to help you channel your energy into your writing.
  3. Timecop1983
    This synthwave 80s music gives you a warm fuzzy Stranger Things™ feeling.

Music with 50 to 80 bpm

  1. ITSW
    ITSW has compilations of songs of 60 bpm to awaken an alpha mental state and help you concentrate while studying and working. Selections combine contemporary music with instrumentals.
  2. Motoyuki 元幸
    With piano playlists adhering to a tempo of 60 bpm, this channel offers a combination of classical and alpha-state-inspiring music for concentration.
  3. Apeyt Minna
    If you respond best to modern music, Apeyt Minna has compiled recent pop hits with tempos within the 50 to 80 bpm range.

Without a doubt, music can lift your mood, silence your mental clutter, and boost your optimism and confidence in your work. Try these YouTube channels designed to provide ambient noise to help you maximize your work potential. With extensive options within many different music styles, YouTube gives you countless video channels to try. See which ones help boost your work efficiency the most!

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