Superluminal - Ambient Music for Writing Space Exploration Stories
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Superluminal - Ambient Music for Writing Space Exploration Stories

Leave the world behind with this collection of musical tracks as you write your space exploration story. This music is designed to transport you through your journey through the cosmos, helping you to create a compelling story your readers will enjoy. Do you think being in a zero-gravity environment could help you in the writing process?

As you listen to this music, imagine yourself on the starship with your characters, encountering new life forms on planets never before explored. Gaze through the observation deck at the stars stretching before you and imagine the civilizations yet undiscovered. Picture the people with you on the ship and consider the responsibilities each one must fulfill to help the voyage run smoothly. What advancements for humanity will your journey bring? Or is the trip necessary for the survival of the species?

Enjoy this musical compilation as you create a world of new discovery in exciting, unexplored space. You can also use this video for ambient music while you work, study, read, or do housework.


  1. Initiating Jump Sequence
  2. Amongst the Stars
  3. Approaching Alpha Centauri
  4. Edge of Known Space
  5. Anomaly Detected
  6. Initiate Sublight Drive
  7. Profound Discovery
  8. Teeming With Life
  9. First Contact
  10. Post-Detection Protocols
  11. Far Beyond Us
  12. Their Intent
  13. A Long Way From Home
  14. FTL


Whether it is a trip around Pluto or to the far reaches of known space, we hope that this music has helped you write a compelling space exploration story. A special thanks to our composer Andrii Brynzak and to the animation team from The FORJA Group.

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