Perfecting Your Thesis Statement
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Perfecting Your Thesis Statement

One of the first steps to writing an essay is coming up with your thesis, but how do we write an effective one? Using a few examples, we talk about the importance of making sure your thesis contains a strong argument, and fits within the parameters of your assignment. We also talk about the benefits of choosing a topic that you're interested in, and how any source, even if you do not end up using it in your final paper, can be valuable to your essay overall. This video is perfect for anyone looking for a casual, relaxing way to study academic topics, and we hope that it helps you on your academic journey!


  1. What does a Thesis Statement do?
  2. Picking a Topic You're Interested In
  3. Adding an Argument to Your Thesis
  4. Gathering Sources
  5. Scaling Down Your Thesis Argument
  6. Developing Your Thesis as You Work
  7. Retrospective

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