Perfecting Your Plot: How to Structure a Narrative
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Perfecting Your Plot: How to Structure a Narrative

The narrative arc is present in many, if not all of the stories that we know and love, but what does it take to create one of your own? Created by Gustav Freytag in the 19th century, it consists of five key points: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. In this video, Emma defines these five key points, explaining what sort of details make up each one, as well as discussing the different types of narrative structures that can be used in writing stories. Follow along and familiarize yourself with this crucial writing tool that will aid you in creative work for years to come!


  1. The Different Narrative Structures
  2. Linear/Chronological Narratives
  3. Non-Linear/Fractured Narratives
  4. Circular Narratives
  5. Parallel Narratives
  6. Interactive Narratives
  7. The Narrative Arc
  8. Exposition
  9. Rising Action
  10. Climax
  11. Falling Action
  12. Resolution
  13. Other Organization Methods
  14. Retrospective

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