Mountain Pass - Ambient Music for Writing High Fantasy Stories
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Mountain Pass - Ambient Music for Writing High Fantasy Stories

The mountain pass has seen many things—from creatures large and small, to kings gone, but not forgotten. Some say that when you sit beneath the old oak tree and stay around to listen, you can hear the songs of old carried on the breeze, accompanied by a gentle wave of encouragement, bestowed upon you by the mountain spirits.

When the sun sets, the mountain's wind changes its tune, tales of remembrance both somber and exciting whistling by your ears. Recount the adventures of travelers past whilst you put quill to parchment, writing stories of your own. If you are lucky, your tales too may be carried on the wind for many years to come.

Use this soundtrack to not only write your next high fantasy epic, but to help encourage focus while you are working, studying, or relaxing.


  1. Long Ago
  2. Echoes of Civilization
  3. Dreaming of Home
  4. Tranquil Spirit
  5. Imaginary Lands
  6. Forest Friends
  7. Bardic Dreams
  8. Bonfire
  9. Night Guardians
  10. The Temple
  11. Way of Two Blades
  12. An Old Guitar
  13. Aurora Borealis
  14. Ancient Harbor


We hope that this music will help you write a compelling high fantasy story. A special thanks to our composer Alek Kaczan.

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