How To Write a Concluding Paragraph
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How To Write a Concluding Paragraph

Welcome to Academics Illustrated! Today we're going to discuss the dos and don'ts of writing an effective conclusion paragraph for your essay. We go over basic essay structure and the importance (or sometimes unimportance) of writing conclusions for particular assignments. We talk about how to discuss relevant quotations, broaden the focus of your argument, re-emphasize key points, and push final observations in order to successfully summarize your final thoughts in an essay while avoiding repetition and cutting out unnecessary transition words. This video is perfect for anyone looking for a casual, relaxing way to study academic topics, and we hope that it helps you on your academic journey!


  1. Basic Essay Structure
  2. Discussing Quotations
  3. Broadening Your Focus
  4. Redefining/Re-emphasizing Key-Points
  5. Pushing a Final Observation
  6. Saving New Content for the Body Paragraphs
  7. Avoiding Transition Words
  8. Being Confident
  9. Being Realistic
  10. Retrospective

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