Fantasy Worldbuilding 101: How to Bring a Fictional World to Life
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Fantasy Worldbuilding 101: How to Bring a Fictional World to Life

In this video, we discuss how to write a great fantasy novel through advice from some of the most well-known fantasy authors—particularly, George R. Martin and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Fantasy novel writers are responsible for taking readers on an unforgettable journey. Their pages must be filled with compelling characters and riveting plot twists. Their words must have the power to penetrate the heart. Their themes must strike a balance between good and evil.

When done correctly...readers feel like they are right there in the middle of adventure...alongside the characters.

First, we discuss Martin's definition of fantasy. He is best known for his series of epic fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire and is the inspiration behind HBO's Game of Thrones series. He speaks of including tastes, touch, sounds and sights into the world you build.

Next, we go over how to create an in-depth sketch of the fictitious word. Adding these small details to your story will help your reader feel acquainted with the world you are building, especially if it is different than the real world.

Then, we go over questions that will help you pinpoint key details:

  • What is your world's history?
  • What is its geography?
  • Is the planet similar to Earth?
  • Is there more than one sentient species?
  • Does everyone speak the same language?
  • Does magic exist in your world?

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