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Fantasy Publishers Who Want Your Manuscript (No Agent Required)


Authors of science fiction and fantasy, both aspiring and previously published, can submit work to a number of publishing companies that will consider unsolicited manuscripts. While most of these companies are smaller independent firms, a few are imprints of major players in the publishing industry. Whatever the case, these are reputable companies who provide authors with legitimate opportunities to have their work released. The odds for acceptance can, of course, be daunting due to the enormous volume of submissions all around, but these publishers will follow through with the authors they accept.

These companies provide full-service publishing—marketing, distribution, sales, etc. They produce in-print and electronic formats, and some also offer their titles as audiobooks. All have helpful websites with clear submission guidelines.

I have listed below most of the prominent companies that accept unsolicited works of science fiction and fantasy. The publishers are listed in alphabetical order and their respective websites are provided. It is important to note that there are undoubtedly other publishers who provide similar services, but these are among the best. Moreover, because a number of publishers who have offered these services in the past are not currently accepting unsolicited submissions, or have in fact completely discontinued accepting unsolicited work, it follows that I have not included them in this list.

There are multiple fantasy publishers who will consider your work for publication, no agent required!
There are multiple fantasy publishers who will consider your work for publication, no agent required! Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash.


Baen Books is a long-time publisher of science fiction and fantasy works, releasing titles in hard copy and electronic format. The company prefers manuscripts with 100,000-130,000 words, but will make the occasional exception for shorter works of exceptional quality. Baen does not require queries, preferring instead to receive full-length manuscripts with synopses included. It should be noted, though, that the wait time for a response is longer than would be expected at most other publishers, stretching to as much as a year. With editorial offices located in Wake Forest, North Carolina, Baen is distributed by Simon & Schuster in both the U.S. and Canada.

DAW Books

DAW Books, an imprint of Penguin, is a distinguished publisher of science fiction and fantasy. When the company was founded by Donald and Elsie Wollheim in 1971, it was the first publisher committed solely to the genres. Many acclaimed authors of science fiction and fantasy enjoyed initial success as writers for DAW. The company is also proud of its comprehensive record of diversity, welcoming and publishing works from and about minorities, LGBTQIA, etc. DAW reviews only full-length manuscripts, almost always with a minimum of 80,000 words. The submissions must be exclusive, although that stipulation may be dropped if specific negotiations have been completed with a literary agent, or if the manuscript review lasts longer than three months.


Based in Calgary, Canada, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing specializes in publishing full-length manuscripts, as well as anthologies and collections. The company releases titles in paperback and e-book formats only. It has a large roster of authors, many of whom have been grant and award winners or nominees. The company requires that submissions number between 75,000 and 100,000 words, and it will not consider any submission that includes more than three sample chapters. Response time can be as long as three months.

Immanion Press

Immanion Press is looking for new works of science fiction and fantasy from both aspiring and published writers. The company was established in 2003 and is located in Stafford, UK. To be considered, manuscripts must number between 50,000 and 120,000 words. Immanion prefers that submissions are sent electronically and that no more than 30 pages of text are sent initially.

Jo Fletcher Books

Located in London, UK, Jo Fletcher Books publishes in a number of genres, but will accept unsolicited submissions only in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. While not one of the largest publishers in these genres, the company nonetheless boasts a strong roster of writers, many of whom are award winners. Released in hard copy and as e-books, some of the titles are also available as audiobooks. Submissions will be accepted by email only and must not be more than 10,000 words or the first three chapters of a book.

Jolly Fish Press

Located in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, Jolly Fish Press was founded in 2011 and became an imprint of North Star Editions in 2016. The company publishes primarily in paperback and e-book formats. It specializes solely in middle-school and young adult books, and science fiction is among the genres that it accepts. Submissions must be sent electronically and must include three chapters of the book plus a concise synopsis.

Literary Wanderlust

Literary Wanderlust was founded in 2014 and is located in Denver, Colorado. The company publishes works in several genres and most full-length manuscripts must range between 65,000 and 100,00 words. However, any science fiction or fantasy that might interest the publisher will only be reviewed if the manuscripts are somewhat longer. There are no length restrictions for non-fiction and short stories.

Montag Press Collective

Located in San Francisco, California, Montag Press publishes novels and plays in a comprehensive variety of fiction genres, including science fiction and fantasy. The company releases its works primarily in paperback and e-book formats. Montag will only consider completed, full-length mauscripts, with novels numbering at least 70,000 words and plays numbering between 90 and 140 pages. All submissions must include a full synopsis of the work.

Polis Books

Founded in 2013 by Jason Pinter, a veteran publishing-industry professional, and located in New York City, Polis Books is an independent publisher that releases new works in a variety of genres, including science fiction and fantasy. Because the company receives an inordinately large amount of submissions it limits its responses only to those queries that generate significant interest. Submissions should include three chapters from the novel. Polis publishes in both hard copy and digital formats and is distributed by Publishers Group West, the largest distributor for independent publishers in the U.S.

Quirk Books

Quirk Books, founded in 2002, is a boutique publisher that releases only 25 books per year, both in hard copy and digitally. Located in Philadelphia, the company publishes works in several different genres, including science fiction. It will consider digital inquiries only and does not specify in its submission guidelines a range for the number of words in manuscripts that it accepts.

Stairway Press

Stairway Press is an independent publisher located in Apache Junction, Arizona. The company seeks quality manuscripts in several genres, including science fiction. Although it is a full-service company like the other indie publishers, Stairway asks aspiring authors to submit manuscripts with an accompanying marketing plan. The company does not place a limit on the number of words in a submission.

Talos Press

Talos Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, specializes in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Founded in 2013 and located in New York City, a number of its authors have written best sellers or been considered for Nebula Awards. Although the company requires only one or two chapters in initial submissions, authors must be prepared to send a completed manuscript if Talos contacts them for follow-up. Response time is generally four to six weeks if the company is interested in an author.

Tartarus Press

On its website, Tartarus Press does not mention "science fiction" as one of the specific genres that it publishes. The company does however release titles in related genres, such supernatural and horror, and is looking for manuscripts of 75,000-120,000 words. Submissions can be sent electronically or by regular mail and should not exceed three chapters of a novel.

Tell-Tale Publishing

Founded in 2009 and located in the small town of Swartz Creek, Michigan, Tell-Publishing publishes works of fiction, including science fiction and fantasy, under several imprints. The company releases titles in print, e-book, and audiobook formats. Tell-Tale has a full page on its website that contains explicit instructions on how to ensure proper grammar and punctuation in any submission. Authors are also required to fill out a submission form and must not initially send more than three chapters of a book.

The Parliament House

Based in south Florida, The Parliament House was founded in 2016 by Shayne Leighton, a marketing professional and former best-selling author on Amazon. The company specializes in quirky, cutting-edge fantasy and will consider manuscripts only if they have already been meticulously edited and are between 50,000 and 140,000 words. Submissions must include the first three chapters of the novel and everything must be printed in the body of an email that includes no attachments.

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