Falling Snow and Mistletoe: How to Write Holiday Romance
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Falling Snow and Mistletoe: How to Write Holiday Romance

Love is in the air this holiday season! Today on Write On, we'll be discussing Holiday Romance, and exploring the inner workings of the magic that draws readers to the genre year after year. From business women learning how to love, to high school sweethearts reconnecting, we talk about the tropes and places that make these Holiday Romance stories shine, as well as the importance of your characters' first meeting. Though it may be cold outside this holiday season, we talk about setting your novel's heat level, adding lighthearted conflict, and finally, giving your characters the happily ever after they deserve.


  1. Holiday Romance Overview
  2. Choose a Holiday
  3. Choose your Tropes
  4. Defining your Location
  5. Creating your "Meet-Cute"
  6. Choosing your Heat Level
  7. Adding Conflict
  8. Happily Ever After
  9. Retrospective

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