Existential Terror: Writing Lovecraftian and Cosmic Horror
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Existential Terror: Writing Lovecraftian and Cosmic Horror

Ever wondered what cosmic horrors lurk beyond what we can comprehend? Today on Write On, we'll be exploring the incomprehensible monsters and mayhem that stemmed from H.P. Lovecraft's work, and how to write horrors of your own. From the halls of Miskatonic University, to the streets of Stephen King's iconic Derry, Maine, today's episode offers tips on how to build the world within your cosmic horror story, as well as the characters within it. We talk of the deities of the Lovecraft Mythos, and the stories that have come from them since, as well as explore what makes the most mundane of items or occurrences terrifying.


  1. What is Lovecraftian Horror?
  2. Who was H.P. Lovecraft?
  3. Defining Your Setting
  4. Defining Your Protagonist
  5. Thinking Big, Writing Small
  6. The Entities Beyond
  7. Retrospective

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