Demystifying Amateur Sleuth Story Writing
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Demystifying Amateur Sleuth Story Writing

Whodunit? We don't know, but your amateur sleuth may be ready to crack the case once you write them to life, that is. But how does one start? Today's episode of write on explores a brief history of the mystery genre, and the amateur sleuth subgenre that came out of it. We talk about building your sleuth, giving them likable characteristics, as well as about how to make them more realistic and relatable by giving them fears and flaws. From then we move on to giving your sleuth connections (and subsequently, suspects), the influence technology has in a mystery story, as well as how your sleuth should navigate the world and the crime you've laid out for them to solve.


  1. Brief History
  2. Rise of the Amateur Sleuth
  3. Establishing your Sleuth
  4. Creating a Likable Character
  5. Giving Your Sleuth Connections
  6. The Power of Technology
  7. Adding Conflict

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