Dark Recesses - Ambient Music for Writing Gothic Stories
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Dark Recesses - Ambient Music for Writing Gothic Stories

Listen to this gothic music mix to set a dark, brooding tone for your gothic fiction writing session. We all want to wander through Frankenstein's mansion for writing inspiration, but if you can't do that, this hour-long track can be the next best thing. As you listen, let yourself be transported into a Draculian setting for your own dark drama.

Use these soundwaves as ambient noise to block out distractions while you formulate your gothic work. This track offers more than an hour of somber instrumentals and moody vibes to give your creative juices a boost, and as you listen, you'll feel the suspense that you want to imbue into your own writing. If your text matches these gloomy musical phrases, you'll know you're on the right track.

Even if you're not writing, you can play this soundtrack while you're working, studying, or relaxing to get you in a focused state of mind.


  1. Dreams and Nightmares
  2. Just a Faint Memory
  3. This Was Once a Happy Place
  4. No One Entered the Attic
  5. Why Must We Live Here?
  6. The Forgotten
  7. 3:00 AM
  8. Where Were You?
  9. Whispers in the Dark
  10. Abandoned and Alone
  11. As if She Was Standing in Front of Me
  12. A Single Lit Window
  13. I Just Want to Wake Up
  14. Lost to Time


We hope that this dark music will help you in your gothic writing endeavors. A special thanks to our composer Andrii Brynzak and our animator The FORJA Group.

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