Cryption – Ambient Music for Writing Cyberpunk Stories
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Cryption – Ambient Music for Writing Cyberpunk Stories

Andrii Brynzak

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A cyberpunk/synthwave/chillwave mix for those edgerunners writing cyberpunk fiction. This hour of dark ambient electronic music will get you in the right mindset to write your dystopian noir cyberpunk story. This music could be the soundtrack for the Blade Runner-esque world you are creating, one page at a time.

These ambient synthesized soundwaves will help block out distractions and empower your writing. You'll find instrumentals with a vocal-less, out-of-this-world feel. Listening to the ebb and flow of these mysterious, moody sounds will relax your mind and get you ready to create epic fiction. We hope this dark soundscape will help you tune out any outside chatter while you bring your cyberpunk story to life.

This video isn't just for writers. Get into the right frame of mind for studying, working, or driving in the rain while enjoying a full hour of cyberpunk-inspired ambient music.


  1. The Construct
  2. Transhumanism
  3. Dark Future
  4. Brave New World
  5. Garbage In, Garbage Out
  6. Artificial Artifice
  7. Gradient Descent
  8. Machina
  9. Phase 2
  10. Mind Rain
  11. Day Zero
  12. Mnemonic
  13. The Augmented Man
  14. Cascade Failure


We hope that these cyberpunk tracks will get you in the writing spirit. A special thanks to our composer Andrii Brynzak and The FORJA Group for their animation work. The animation was inspired by Lofi Girl.

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