Characterizing Your Characters
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Characterizing Your Characters

Have a character but don't know how to write about them? Look no further! Today's episode of Write On discusses how to characterize your characters within your story. We talk about how to "show" rather than "tell" about your character's appearance through in-story observations, as well as talk about the downside of utilizing excessive purple prose to convey what your character. We also discuss the benefits of using character description to advance your story further, rather than stop it in its tracks. From there, we talk about over description, and the importance of making these physical descriptions sound natural, and how to take inspiration from the people around you in order to make your characters appealing.


  1. Show, Don't Tell
  2. Considering the Narrator's Point of View
  3. Purple Prose
  4. Using Character Description to Advance Your Story
  5. Gatsby's Smile
  6. Finding Inspiration Around You
  7. Using Inclusive Language
  8. Character Description Exercise
  9. Defining Your Character's Purpose
  10. Avoiding Over-Description
  11. Retrospective

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