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Announcing the Winner of the 2022 ServiceScape Scholarship

We are proud to announce that Antonia Santos from Illinois, United States is the winner of the 2022 ServiceScape Scholarship.

 Antonia Santos
Antonia Santos is the winner of the 2022 ServiceScape Scholarship

Her winning submission can be found below. We hope you enjoy reading her essay and we look forward to reading more submissions for our 2023 Scholarship.

Today I am a dancer, twirling with effortless grace to the music that hums through my soul. Yesterday I was a pirate, the sting of the salt air against my face belying the joy of freedom and open seas. Tomorrow I will be a politician, lamenting the state of the world, and striving to do better. With any moment in time, I wear the faces of a million people, their thoughts, cares, joys, and fears becoming my own. I am a reader and a writer and the power of connection is granted through the written word.

Everyday, the pace of the world seemingly increases, binary and codes taking the place of ink and graphite. However, no matter the medium on which we lay our thoughts, the written word has never lost its importance. Through the written word, nations are formed, the United States itself seemingly born from the stroke of a pen. The shape of society itself is changed, the facts and opinions spread through black and white letters and social media posts possessing the power to open the door for tolerance and understanding. Wounds are made and wounds are healed, life is perpetuated, and civilization chugs along thanks to the power of writing.

Whether technical uses or surreal escapism, writing and its impact on the world cannot be quantified or overstated. From the simple joy of reading an "I love you" text, to the groundbreaking changes derived from legislation, our world is ever-changing thanks to writing. While it has the power to divide, it also has the power to heal. One can live a hundred lives, die a thousand deaths, and love a million times over thanks to writing. Ultimately, the inescapable truth and the defining power of writing lies in its power to eternalize the essence of humanity.

Header photo by Methaphum.

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