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ServiceScape Incorporated

Announcing the Winner of the 2021 ServiceScape Scholarship

We are proud to announce that Avery White from Langley, Canada is the winner of the 2021 ServiceScape Scholarship.

Avery White
Avery White is the winner of the 2021 ServiceScape Scholarship

Her winning submission can be found below. We hope you enjoy reading her essay and we look forward to reading more submissions for our 2022 Scholarship.

Writing is an incredibly important art form.

Written works like books and poems greatly inspire individuals and society as a whole. This impact can be seen socially and politically. For example, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (1843) greatly changed societal behavior, as Christmas soon became a more festive celebration due to Dickens' ideas. In addition, written work like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) created great political impact globally. This declaration defined human rights that should be ubiquitous in every society, no matter the nation.

Written work can also help authors process their own emotions and feelings while inspiring others who may relate to what is being said. Poetry, for example, often shares very personal experiences that others understand. Poetry greatly impacts our world, as it is a tool for personal healing; it also relates to the human experience and can touch on important issues and ideals. Overall, written poetry is an incredibly relatable and impactful platform.

Moreover, written work can be seen throughout generations. Not only can we presently enjoy past works, but we can also learn about history through it. Written work can give a firsthand account of important historical events. For example, the diary of Anne Frank shares a personal experience of World War II in the words of a brave young woman and her incredible perseverance and bravery through horrific conditions.

In conclusion, written work can greatly impact our world. Writing helps not only the author, but also many others and society as a whole. Writing can change social behavior, help many relate to specific experiences, and provide insightful historical significance. Ultimately, written work transcends generations, and its immortalization can continue to inspire countless individuals beyond its time.

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