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Announcing the Winner of the 2018 ServiceScape Scholarship

ServiceScape is pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Scholarship Contest: Nick Summerlin, from Morgantown, West Virginia. Nick is a freshman at West Virginia University pursuing a Mechanical Engineering major.

Nick Summerlin
Nick Summerlin is the winner of the 2018 ServiceScape Scholarship

You can find his winning submission below. We hope you enjoy reading it and we look forward to reading more great essays for our 2019 Scholarship.

The world we know today is moving at an astonishing speed. Innovations are all around us, in everything we use. With everything changing so fast around us, it can seem impossible that anything would remain untouched. That is, except for writing.

Writing is one of the world's most important forms of communication. It allows us to put our ideas and thoughts onto a media that can be transferred and understood all throughout the world. Without it, communication would be much more difficult in every aspect.

From short poems to lengthy technical reports, being able to write effectively is an important skill to have in this ever-changing world. It shows intelligence and garners a sense of respect from others that is incomparable to any other art form.

Some of the most influential writing of today's age is quite simplistic. Take the poem "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost, or the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln, for example. Frost wrote that poem in 1920, consisting of 9 lines and 51 words. It has been read all over the world and interpreted in hundreds of ways since then, being held as one of the most well-known poems in history. Lincoln's writing is still one of the most influential speeches ever, and it only lasted two minutes.

From this it's obvious that writing is a very esteemed practice in today's world. It doesn't take the strongest vocabulary or the lengthiest literature to get a point across, but being able to use words in a way that is captivating and provoking can go a long way. Without writing, the world wouldn't be moving as fast as it is.

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