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8 Reasons Why You Should Bookmark Just Publishing Advice

You wouldn't expect a website titled Just Publishing Advice to have the wide scope of content this one has, and it's a surprising find for any writer looking for well-rounded writing and publishing instruction.

Just Publishing Advice is the brainchild of Derek Haines, a self-described English teacher, author, writer and blog owner. He started the blog in 2010 and has since moved it to a new domain and upgraded server in order to handle the increase in traffic. One glance at the blog's extensive and relevant resources makes it easy to understand how and why this increase happened.

Especially if you are a writer looking to break into the confusion and exasperation that often accompanies self-publishing, here are eight reasons why you should bookmark Just Publishing Advice.

Indie writers need all the help they can get in the often confusing world of self-publishing.
Indie writers need all the help they can get in the often confusing world of self-publishing. Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash.

#1. The site's aim is to be your one-stop resource

Haines writes that the aim of his site is to create a growing resource site for new and even not so new writers, authors, bloggers, content writers, book cover designers or for anyone else with an interest in writing, blogging and publishing. Additionally, Haines manages Whizbuzz Books, a popular book promotion site for Indie authors and small-press publishers. Suffice it to say—he knows the ins and outs of the self-publishing universe, and he's offering a lot of help through his blog for anyone seeking it.

#2. It's in a bright, cheerful, easy-to-read format

One thing you realize after reviewing dozens of blogs is there are some with easy-to-read templates and some that make reading a chore with too many ads, an unprofessional template, or a color scheme that's drab or difficult to read. While the content might be useful and relevant, if the format and site design are less than stellar, the whole experience of trying to read it becomes frustrating.

Just Publishing Advice, on the other hand, is a site that's designed with a bright, cheerful, easy-to-read format. The photos are high quality and eye-catching, and the use of graphics and illustrations makes it even more enjoyable to view. There is enough white space to keep the site readable and scannable, and it's organized with intuitive menus.

Whether you're an expert at finding what you need on the Internet, or you need to ask for assistance finding writing tools online, Just Publishing Advice is easily accessible to practically any level Internet user.

#3. The how-to articles cover a lot of ground

Just Publishing Advice's how-to articles cover everything from writing software to self-publishing to managing your author social media account. For visitors who don't have time to browse and simply want to go to the exact advice they need, the blog is divided into convenient categories, including:

You can also access the popular and latest articles if you want a good overview of the scope of articles offered on the blog.

I found the quality of the how-to articles to be above average and loved that there was such a wide scope of topics—it really is an all-inclusive resource for writers and indie authors. If you're looking for great professional development available for free online, this site is a good place to start.

Some of my favorite how-to articles are:

#4. All the self-publishing advice you could possibly need is in one place

Self-publishing is becoming the new norm. In fact, in her survey of nearly 2,000 indie authors, Marie Force, the New York Times-bestselling hybrid author of more than 30 indie-published titles found that approximately 13 percent of respondents made a writing income that fully supports their family. Another 26.8 percent noted that their book sales partially supports their family, and 18 percent claimed it was enough income for extras they wouldn't normally be able to afford in their budget.

If you're one such indie author, you'll be happy to have access to Just Publishing Advice's trove of self-publishing advice. Some of the more recent articles posted include:

#5. Learn to be a better writer, conquer writer's block, and more

Learning to become a better writer is much like learning to become a stronger weightlifter, swimmer, or Olympian—it's not so much a matter of choice or the Muse as it is a matter of perseverance, fortitude, and personal commitment. Stephen King once wrote, If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There's no way around these two things that I'm aware of, no shortcut.

The simple truth is that great writing takes even greater practice and preparation, and neither is present without one or the other. If your goal is to be a great writer, your actions should then back up your goal—actions that move in a voluntary direction toward learning more, developing your writing skills, and internalizing what it means to be a great writer.

Just Publishing Advice allows you to do just that. Not only does it offer valuable advice about making a living as a writer, it also provides information about how to be a better writer each day. In fact, with the number of posts on the blog (an average of one to two posts a week), you're guaranteed to find useful information on a regular basis. Sometimes, all it takes to cure "writer's block" is to read some relevant advice offered from experienced writers and creatives in the field of publishing.

#6. You think you know grammar? Think again!

Even though the website's name insinuates that its content is limited to "just publishing advice," there's much more to it. It's a good thing, too, because knowing grammar is an art. There are those who preach it religiously—vocally even, on social media—while still others who practice quietly in the confines of their personal space (and personal writing).

Whichever path you choose, Just Publishing Advice's blog has a separate category for grammar posts. Some of the most recent posts are:

#7. Bloggers are in a class of their own, so own it!

According to a recent study, the most common reason for blogging is making money, with two-thirds of all bloggers naming it as their main motivation. Additionally, "Quality of content" is rated the #1 most important success factor among all bloggers. However, higher-income bloggers put much more emphasis on promoting their content than lower-income bloggers do. So, if you're a writer who is focused on blogging, you're likely looking for resources of how to do it better, smarter, and at a greater profit.

If you're a writer who is focused on blogging, you're likely looking for resources of how to do it better, smarter, and at a greater profit.
If you're a writer who is focused on blogging, you're likely looking for resources of how to do it better, smarter, and at a greater profit. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.

If that's the case, Just Publishing Advice has exactly what you need, with a section of its blog focused specifically on helping bloggers. The content covers everything from SEO and Adsense to attracting more visitors and acquiring backlinks to your blog.

Some example articles that I find especially useful are:

#8. The writing tools linked are awesome

Between posts offering advice on 40 Free Writing Apps And The Best Free Writing Software and articles reviewing free writing software, you're going to find some great writing tools to help you do your work better and more efficiently. There's also a writer's toolbox linking Essential Self-Publishing Tools and Services for Authors, which is an excellent one-stop shop for everything writing related.

Just Publishing Advice also offers starter guides like this one on how to self-publish your book. If you're the kind of person who needs a checklist, this self-publishing checklist post will give you the exact detailed list you need.

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