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7 Big Logo Trends for 2019


A logo is a representation of a brand's aesthetics and values. It's an opportunity for the designer to express what the brand is and what it stands for—and be convincing. Logos must be powerful and they must provide enough conscious and subconscious information to be remembered.

Designing a logo is not an easy task. Graphic designers and companies make use of design tricks, advertising tips and color psychology to ensure they'll come up with a truly memorable logo that will call to action. Existing logos need to be updated over time and adapt to the company's current need and aesthetics. In fact, most powerful logos have been redesigned at least once to ensure they will remain fresh and relevant. A successful logo will represent the brand's core values adapted for a current audience, and that would mean being in touch with most modern big logo trends. From minimal logos to elegant typography and artistic vibes, here, we look closely at the seven biggest logo trends for 2019.

A successful logo will represent the brand's core values adapted for a current audience, as well as be in touch with most modern big logo trends.
A successful logo will represent the brand's core values adapted for a current audience, as well as be in touch with most modern big logo trends. Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels.

The power of Geometry

All geometric shapes are deeply symbolic and semantically charged. The meaning of each shape is instantly recognizable in a logo that relies on its simple lines and geometry. A square or a circle is a representation of structure and order while a simple line could be one of continuity. For 2019, geometric logos are conceived in bright, warm color palettes that appear more attractive to the eye. Zendesk's or Alo's fresh logos are two of the best examples in this category. Mix bold geometric shapes with colorful palettes. Clean and minimal but strong, suggests designer Claudia C, in TheLogoCreative, It's all about giving life to something people having seen a lot of already.

Bright colors

Colors enhance emotions and create emotional responses, and it's no surprise they remain a strong trend for 2019 logo designs. Bright colors are taking the lead and can be adapted to several kinds of brands that want to communicate their optimism and positivity. This is a design trend that works well when combined with other trends mentioned here, particularly with geometric logos and gradients.

Bright colors are a trend that can be spotted in all creative fields, from fashion to graphic design, as part of an overall 80s comeback that took design by storm. Combined with gradients such in the new ProTools logo, they communicate a sense of youthfulness and positivity to a Millennial or Gen Z audiences.


Minimalism is a trend that has been around for years but for 2019, it comes up stronger than ever. A clean, simple logo looks powerful and elegant—two core values that most brands are eager to communicate. Major brands have been redesigning their existing logos by removing all detail, sometimes to the point of a single sans serif, as seen in Saint Laurent and Burberry. Simple, clean lines; no decorative elements; and a strong font make for powerful, minimal logos that work well across media. In fact, one of minimalism's greatest qualities when it comes to logos is that it looks equally strong on social media, packaging and promotional material without the need for redesigning.

This year's minimalism is more an art of fine lines and basic graphic elements that elevate the brand. Minimalism is less a style than a weapon; clearing away noise so a message shines through, clean and naked, says 99designer Ian Douglas. A minimal logo shows that the brand is focusing on its core values and qualities, making basic shapes stand out for their own.

Gradient logos

Gradient logos are a relatively fresh trend that was fueled further when chosen by mega brands such as Instagram. They are fresh, eye-catching and can elevate a simple logo to a visually stimulating experience. While some may think gradients are a rather simplistic choice, the trend goes strong in 2019, with bright colors and interesting combinations, as in Apple's new logo.

The new gradient logos make use of fresh color palettes to convey the brand's youthfulness and optimism. Shocking pinks and electric blues are some of the colors of choice for powerful gradients that stand out, as in the new Firefox logo.

Hand-drawn logos

Sometimes it just takes more than simple industrial design to communicate a brand's flair and values. Enter hand-drawn logos, a 2019 trend that allows full use of a designer's creativity to create a unique message. The list of the tools that can be used to create a hand- drawn logo is endless, from traditional gouache to watercolors and pencil drawing, all work well.

Handwritten lettering is a visually similar logo trend that is also going strong for 2019.This is a logo choice that communicates a brand's personality and artistic flair. The new Kune Handmade logo is a great example of a watercolor feel while the Lola's Beauty Bar is a great example of handwritten lettering use. Eddie Lobanovskiy from Unfold also believes that people are tired of looking at busy things. Thus, a hand-drawn logo with plenty of white space is the perfect antidote.

Hand-written lettering is a logo trend that is also going strong for 2019, communicating a brand's personality and artistic flair.
Hand-written lettering is a logo trend that is also going strong for 2019, communicating a brand's personality and artistic flair. Photo by Ovan from Pexels.

Three-dimensional logos

Making your logo three dimensional is a great idea to make it stand out from the crowd. In fact, three-dimensional logos are a huge trend in design right now, with many brands following it. This is the season for strong, semi-flat logos that appear to have been lifted out of the page and into space. Logo designers use various techniques to achieve a 3D effect—clever design, gradients and use of negative spaces are just some of them. The new Gmail logo is a successful adaptation of the semi-flat technique to create a strong, memorable logo that can stand out even when used online. Three-dimensional designs are also very powerful when combined with geometric designs, producing a feel of elegance and uniqueness about the brand.

Shapeshifting logos

Variable logos are the hottest trend right now, with many brands opting for designs that can be responsive and adjust in several environments and uses. These several variables allow the brand to customize its logo to serve different purposes in different settings, online and offline. These logos are powerful, dynamic and generally fall into one of three sub-categories:

  • Generative logos—Those are the logos that are designed to change as the designer has incorporated a certain algorithm to pre-decide when and how they will vary. They can look really impressive and can evolve the brand's story even further.
  • Responsive logos—Logos that can adapt to appearing great on every device—be it a mobile phone, a desktop or a tablet. In essence, all major brands, such as Chanel, are actually investing in responsive logos. Those logos can also vary contextually when used for packaging.
  • Variable logos—These logos change from campaign to campaign. In fact, the logo designer creates a basic logo as a canvas and then differentiates it in terms of design details or colors, with each variation promoting a different element or service.

Vertical logos

Vertical logos require a letter-stacking format that looks extremely interesting and eye-catchy. It's no wonder then that vertical logos were a strong design trend for 2018 and continues to be in 2019. In elegant and complicated arrangements, vertical logos often incorporate graphic details such as contrasting colors and symbols in a clean, columned structure. Their weakest point? It's difficult to appear equally good and become truly versatile when the digital environment shifts, so they may need some redesigning.

Heraldic emblems

Some brands are all about tradition and heritage, and they need to communicate those values in a strong and recognizable logo that catches the eye. The idea of using emblems and coats of arms in still going strong in 2019 and may be the perfect choice for heritage brands. From traditional wine brands to educational institutions and from apparel companies to eateries—heraldic emblems are the safe yet stylish choice for quality with a history.

Metallic logo designs

Not long ago, metallic logo designs were considered fit only for jewelry retailers and sometimes beauty brands. In 2019, many brands seem to take advantage of the aesthetic value of metallics and the sense of high-class coolness they offer to a brand. In clean cut or more elaborate designs, silver or rarely gold metallic logos are the epitome of modern chic, as they look great with even the simplest design. In simple lines and combined with the new geometry design trends, silvers and golds make all brand logos stand out.

Illustration-inspired logos

Sometimes you need a logo to illustrate the hyped, playful side of a brand, as well as showcase the actual service offered at one. Enter illustration-inspired logos and funky designs that replace some of the logo's letters. This is a trend that looks fun and catches the eye. Still, it requires exquisite design skills, as the illustration needs to be properly placed in the logo and always reminisce of the letters missing. A heart design for an M or a pair of glasses for a double o are just some of 2019's best illustrated logos so far, with more predicted to come.

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