340 Narrated Romance Writing Prompts
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340 Narrated Romance Writing Prompts

Helen Langford

Are you writing a romance story and need an idea to get you started? Watch our video of 340 writing prompts and gain the inspiration you need to unleash your inner romance writer. Fall in love with these story ideas, covering 17 major romance subgenres, including billionaires, comedy, fantasy, gothic, holidays, paranormal, regency, and young adult.

You can use any of the story starters as a springboard for your own work of romance. While you don't have to credit ServiceScape for the idea, we would appreciate it if you did! The best way to do that is to provide a link to our website: ServiceScape.com.

If you would like to read the text from any of the prompts mentioned within this video, you can find the texts here: 340 Romance Writing Prompts That Will Sweep Your Readers off Their Feet

We hope that our romance prompts get your gears turning and lead to pen hitting paper ASAP. Please let us know if these prompts helped you and how your writing is going!


  1. Billionaires - A "Cinderella story" that includes a wealthy and powerful love interest.
  2. Comedy - This subgenre focuses on the humorous elements of romance and the situations that arise during the search for love.
  3. Contemporary - Stories that take place after the 1950s and are about the complexity of modern life and everyday romantic realism.
  4. Fantasy Romance - Love stories set in a fantastical world full of magic and otherworldly creatures.
  5. Gothic - This light horror romance subgenre is often set in an old spooky house or haunted castle and involves mysterious characters hiding dark secrets.
  6. Historical - Stories that take place before the 1950s and feature fictional characters falling in love while experiencing real historical events.
  7. Holidays - Lovers get together during the holiday season and often face situations involving family get-togethers and holiday traditions.
  8. Inspirational - Characters share a romantic and spiritual awakening in parallel with their own faith.
  9. Military - Situations derived from military service are the source of conflict and serve as the foundation for romantic interaction.
  10. Paranormal - Stories involving a romantic relationship between a human and a supernatural being, such as a vampire, werewolf, demon, shapeshifter, angel, ghost, or witch.
  11. Regency - Set within the British Regency era (1811–1820) or generally within the early 19th century, these romance stories often feature social engagements among upper-class families and marriages for wealth or convenience.
  12. Romantic Suspense - Life-threatening situations and ruthless villains create thrills and tension, feeding the attraction between the romantic characters.
  13. Science Fiction Romance - These stories feature an alien or robot love interest and may include elements of space exploration, virtual reality, or other high-tech innovations.
  14. Sports - Whether it's football, baseball, basketball, or motorsports, these stories are about falling in love with an athlete.
  15. Time Travel - This subgenre features characters who travel through time to be with the one they love.
  16. Western Romance - Set in either the modern or historical American West, these romance stories focus on a cowboy or cowgirl love interest.
  17. Young Adult - Coming-of-age romance stories featuring protagonists in their teens or early 20s.


We hope that these romance writing prompts have sparked your inspiration. A special thanks to Helen Langford for her narration, Catherine Gilson Highton for her illustrations, Shubham Narayan for the visual effects, Jim Dyer for the sound editing, and all of the writers who created these prompts:

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